Hello, my name is Hannah and I am originally from Vietnam; and Canada is the third country that I have moved to. 

Makeup wasn't in my mind when I came to Canada to study at all. Even though I have come to Canada as immigration, I still kept the hope to go back to Vietnam after I finished my University 'that's what I thought'. 

Things changed when I started my first year high school in Canada.

Every girl I saw in high school, they all had full makeup and they looked so pretty! Since then I started copying them and applying makeup. My makeup skill back then was terrible! My father always said to me, "you don't need 5kg of foundation on your face!" I didn't know what he meant back then. Now I realized that I was a bit too over-makeup. My face was so "white" compared to my skin tone and my cheeks were like monkey's butt! I always got that compliment from my father. I ignored whatever he (so far he was the only one who being honest) said about my makeup. And I didn't know since when my makeup started to get better. I had more skill and flexibility in applying makeup but it took me about an hour to two hours to complete my face. 
After making so many decisions about whether I wanted to be a psychologist, a teacher, a nurse or a writer, I decided to be a makeup artist instead. There was nothing related with all the other decisions I had had. Simple was that I has always loved doing makeup and making people look pretty. I love playing with the colour of eyeshadows. I love the different looks you can create on a person's face. I love the flawless of foundation on the face. I love the bold red lips which make a woman more sexy and seductive. But the person that actually inspired me to make final decision of becoming a makeup artist was Michelle Phan. I just admire her lot. So that's my story of how I have become the person I am now.

As of March 1st 2013, I started my beauty blog. It's a whole new level to me after so many decisions making even though the trend of beauty blog has already come out way too long ago. It makes me feel like I'm the one who's living in the past and slowly moving on to the present. But the thought of having a beauty blog keeps hitting into my head and I have to actually start it. 

I have read several beauty blogs so mine basically kind of similar to those. Every person who has beauty blog is based on her own interest about makeup and cosmetic. She gives her own opinion about certain products. I also will give my own review for the products I have tried as well as recommendation which products are good for everyone. 

I am working as Freelance Makeup Artist as well as running my own little online beauty store. When I have free time, I never forget to write my personal opinionated blog which articles are nothing related to beauty stuff. It's another blog that I has, to remind me of my love for writing.

For business Inquiry please email me at: hannahartistryblog@gmail.com

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