Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Best way to use Lancome Teint Visionaire Foundation

Hello ladies,

It's been awhile I haven't done any product review and product information. If you are a fan of Lancome products, you will probably know about Lancome Teint Visionaire foundation which is an anti-aging and correcting foundation. I have done a review on this one before Here.

If you love the texture & light weight of the foundation and hate it when it glides on your skin & makes your skin feel oily even though you have normal skin like me, I just happen to find a way to fix that. Now I can use it all the time!

I have worked with Illamasqua an English brand which just came to Vancouver for almost a year now. Illamasqua products are great. One of my most favourite of all time is the Hydra Veil. It's a hydration primer without silicon! I also have done a review on this as well Here
It works for all skin type! So I got to try the primer with different foundation and find that, this primer will work perfectly for Lancome Teint Visionaire.
- First of all, the foundation has way too much moisture in it, so sometimes it will make the skin feel oily. It's perfect for dry skin.
- The hydra veil is meant to keep oil at base and hydrate the skin at the same time.

So when I combine these 2 together. My skin doesn't feel oily nor dry! I don't even need to touch up! I always get compliment because they give me a really nice dewy skin without shine. If you have never tried Lancome Teint Visionaire and Ilammasqua Hydra Veil and you want a really nice dewy finish, you can try these 2 beauties.

There you go ladies, you have just gotten another tip into your routine. I hope you find it helpful!