Thursday, May 1, 2014

Extra stuffs for my Vanity

Hello beauties,

I'm so so bad for disappearing. I've been so so busy with work and organizing my business that it takes me so long to actually come back to blogging again. I miss blogging :<. Anyway, to mark a come back I'm just going to post a small entry today ^.^ 

I've got some of little cute items for my vanity. They are like 2$-3$ each and very pretty packaging too ^.^. 

Here are they!

- I got a metal earring handler. It's very convenient for stud earrings ;).
- A brush holder in beige. It's really cute with flowers stencil around
- A small beige beauty box. This one you can put anything from small little things like nail polishes, etc...
- A red false lashes box. This one can handle 4 pairs of lashes ^.^
- Last is a small green 2 drawer box. I use this one to put Q-tips, tweezer, etc...

Check then out individually here!