Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, I blog to you...bloggers

Hello beauties,

If you're following my blog and have been reading my entries since the day I started, you would know that it's almost 1 year anniversary of the blog. I'm working on myself to keep the blog running and making it better. I know, compare to other bloggers I'm not that good PR-ing myself haha. However, I do enjoy blogging and sharing every bit of opinion that I have got to try on different products with you all. Blogging is like a habit to me.

I know, I'm not a super active blogger or you-tuber at all. I'm doing it when I feel like it. I'm not really reliable on scheduling what to do for the week on blog & youtube even though I printed out the paper and stuck it on my the bedroom wall, still I didn't really do what I was supposed to do ^.^.

For me, I just love to read other people blog and interact with you all. The internet is amazing that one, you can talk to everyone and anyone you like. You can share everything with everyone. I enjoy making my blog beautiful too. I am not really good at designing but at you can see, whatever design I have on my blog, I did it all myself ^.^. Sometime I feel like getting my blog done by professional designer, but I think about it again then I stop because the blog is like my house and I like decorating it myself :D.

I am not good at keeping thing for so long and persistent but I am kind of proud myself because I have been blogging on this for almost a year now. Two more months it will be 1 year anniversary and I plan on hosting another GiveAway ^.^

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who have been following on my post and comment. I'm really glad you're here and so supportive. I know, even though I have 270 friends connect (a few of them left LoL), not many barely look & read my blog at all. Well, the majority came because of the GiveAway or exchange following to increase their followers but they don't really give a damn about people blog at all. It's sad though because I'm always supportive toward fellow bloggers. When I read post, I always comment and never once I see someone's blog I comment that come to visit me...

Anyway, ladies, have a wonderful Tuesday. I am a bit sick so I am blogging now. Working on some other product review ^.^