Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Gossiping: M.A.C The BigMac-Sometimes It's just not meant to be

Hello beauties,

It's been quite a long time since my last Monday Gossiping. I'm so very sorry. I have no more excuse. Now I'm back and I hope you enjoy my story again ^.^

Continue where I left of from My BigMac story.

I failed to get in to work for M.A.C...AAAAgain. But my dream was still there. I didn't give up because the counter manager told me not to give up. She told me that when she got interviewed to work for M.A.C she failed a few times too (I'm not sure if it's true) but I believed her. I told myself no matter what, I wouldn't give up. So I moved on with my life. I continued to search for jobs at beauty counter. Eventually, I got hired by Lancome as freelance makeup artist/ promotional consultant/ short word "Demo".

You know, when you just stick to 1 thing, you will never know that there are thousands possibilities out there for you. Lucky, I didn't. Started to work for Lancome made me realize that I could not just be with 1 brand. I needed to learn more and more. And one thing I loved the most for being a Demo was that I didn't have to work at the same place for more than a week. I always moved around and I have met lots and lots of people in the industry and I loved it. Also, if a place where I worked, and I didn't like it I had the choice to not pick the schedule there to work again. So it was a good thing. I didn't have to see the person I didn't like again! Now think about it, I still miss the time when I traveled around to promote and do makeup event ^.^. No pressure, no stress...that's why it's freelancing. Problem was/is: I/you don't get stable schedule. Some months I would get full schedule, some months I would get like 4 schedules so it was killing because I needed to work at least 4-5 days a week to keep me going.

Anyway, I still kept the hope to work for M.A.C...,some days.
M.A.C cosmetic has casted a spell on me or something because no matter what brand I was with, I imagined my actual career and future would be with M.A.C. But I guess M.A.C and I was not meant to be. My dream was broken after I went on M.A.C third job fair...Aaagain! It sucked. But that time I actually decided to give up because they really pissed me off. I cancelled one of my work schedule and wasted 2 hours of my time to come for the interview even though in the previous one I have passed everything, the only thing I didn't have was retail experience. I did have but I guessed it wasn't enough for them that time. However, this time I was pretty confident that I might get a chance position and then I would work my way in to be a full time employment even though it sounded ridiculous because it's not easy to get a full time position at M.A.C but I was super determined back then.

I went home, waited for a week, didn't get any call, I got the sign...failed.

I wasn't sad at all because it actually gave me a wake up wasn't meant for me. I can do better than just that. It built up my ambition to be better and bigger. I realized that I was just like one of the girl who was inspired by the society but not the ethnicity itself. It made me wanted to prove myself to be better than just chasing around a job which would end me nowhere unless I stuck around long 10 years?To get a rate...The reason M.A.C is so popular among teenagers & young adult is because of the quantity of people who're using it. M.A.C is brandy but with reasonable price that's why lots of people like it. And also, when I looked at my makeup wardrobe I barely had M.A.C maybe a lipstick or 2, a foundation which I didn't really like and tried to finish it, and a powder which I got from my aunt. So my final decision was, never to apply to work for M.A.C again because I know I would end up using different cosmetic brands and pretend it's M.A.C.

One door closes, the other door opens. You just have to look at the open door and walk in. Now I've got the job to work at a brand that I actually like. So I am happy ^.^

The reason I call M.A.C The BigMac is because M.A.C cosmetic is like Mcdonald to me. For teenagers, who is growing up and starting to experience the journey of making money, Mcdonald is one of the place where they can start...some will stay to become bigger and bigger with the company. Some will leave after they have gotten enough of experience. It's like a stepping stone into the future. It's starter but not many people can stay long...

For me, it's just a little more complicated because if I was hired by M.A.C I might have stayed or may not. Don't really know and don't really care now :>.

P.S: I can't deny that sometimes, M.A.C has some pretty good collection ;). And I love the packaging!

The end.

I hope you enjoy my M.A.C story. I know it's a bit weird but it feels good to write it out. I have kept it for quite awhile now and I don't want myself to end up hating M.A.C.