Monday, January 20, 2014

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume Review

Hello lovelies,

As you can see the title, I'm going to give a little piece of my mind for this lovely smelly (good way).
I am not a perfume person. I am more like a body lotion, shower gel person even though I have a few perfumes for myself and most of them are gifts so is La Vie Est Belle because I used to work for Lancome so we got to try on most of new products. Lancome is an amazing company. They love their employee and appreciate the employees' hard work. Anyway, I'm not talking about Lancome.

The perfume came out close to the end of 2012, so it's been around for over a year already. La Vie Est Belle is a combination of Sweet, Floral scent. However, it's more on the sweet side though.

The bottle has the shape of a smile(kind of heavy) that's why they have Julia Robert as spoke model for La Vie Est Belle because her smile is beautiful. La Vie Est Belle means "Life is beautiful".

It comes in 3 sizes: 30mil, 50mil, 75mil and they are $72, $95, $109

Top note: Blackcurrant, Pear - with these top notes, they add a sweet & fresh smell into it
Heart note: Iris, Jasmine, Orange Blossom - with these, they add floral & citrusy into it
Base note: Tonka bean, Vanilla, Praline, Patchouli - with these, they add a little sweet & mild into it.

In my personal opinion, La Vie Est Belle is not my favourite but I don't mind wearing it. I wear it once in awhile.  Like most perfume, the scent stays on depending on the person's body chemistry.
For me, it stays on for the whole day until I go shower. I like the floral part but not the sweet part. Compare to Tresor, La Vie Est Belle is more wearable for the young one and the scent is not so strong like Tresor either.

The good thing about this perfume is that the young and the old can use it without feeling like 50 years old women when you're in your 20, or feeling like 20 years old when you're in your 50. I'm more of floral person, so the sweetness doesn't really work for me.

Another good part about this perfume is that, you won't smell the alcohol in it. If you are sensitive to alcohol you can completely smell alcohol in every perfume like me. Similar to Chanel perfume, you don't really smell alcohol in La Vie Est Belle.

Over all, La Vie Est Belle is an "okay" perfume to me. It's not super exciting scent at all. That's just my opinion. Perhaps you'll feel differently.

So that's all for my review about La Vie Est Belle. Please feel free to share your opinion with us. Until my next post, have a wonderful Monday everyone!