Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fresh Sugar (Mask) Face Polish Review

Hello lovelies,

As you know I am a bit crazy about Fresh product right now. All the products from Fresh actually suit their name because they always smell so fresh!

I love trying on different face masks to see which one is the best one. Lucky, Sephora is an amazing place where you can get a small sample of product before you buying anything. I am curious about all the products from Fresh so I decided to get 2 small facemask samplers from the brand ;) which were Sugar Face Polish & Black Tea Mask.

I'm going to try the Sugar Face Polish first as I've been curious about how it'd felt on the skin ;). The product is "A nourishing, exfoliating mask that refines and brightens the skin, instantly revealing a radiant complexion." 

Key ingredients:
- Brown Sugar: a natural humectant that seals in moisture, gently buffs away dry & dull skin
- Real Wild Strawberries: packed with vitamin C, help to brighten and smooth.

- Plum seed oil & grape seed oil: are notable for their hydrating and nourishing properties
The mask indeed does what it's said.

I left the mask on for about 15 mins then washed it off.
I wanted to leave it on longer but was worried if it was too much for the first time. I have to say that I am quite happy with the feeling after washing it off.

The mask does help with smoothing out the skin and making it look radiant. I can totally see & feel it. I had some breakout and this one actually helped with drying up the pimples and made it less swollen after a day as I rubbed my pimples so much. Even though it's just one time use, I can still feel the difference. It's kind of addicting.

The good thing about this mask is that, after it dries up, you can massage your face with the scrub before washing it off. It makes a huge difference!

This is one of my favourite mask now so far beside The Body Shop Honey & Oath mask. As I always say, I love the smell of Fresh product. It makes you feel like you want to have it on forever and don't want to take it off. No irritation at all. It was very comfortable staying on the skin. I would totally recommend this product to anyone who'd like to have a face scrub mask ;).

I will definitely get a full size for myself once I'm back from my holiday ^.^.

I hope you enjoy the review and please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestion. Have a wonderful Weds/Thurs everyone ;)