Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review

Hello beauties,

I know it's been awhile since my last product review. To mark the 2014 is coming, I promise to do product review more often. In fact, I have lots of new product that I haven't even tried yet. So wait for me ;)

This lovely palette I bought it a few months ago and I just recently start to play around with it. It's time for a proper review on this ;)

The reason I'm so attracted to this palette is because of the packaging! Some of the eyeshadows are pretty decent. It's not really overwhelming me at all but a few of them are super gorgeous. Another bonus point to make me buy it was: it's Limited Edition! For some reason I have an addiction for Limited Edition stuff ^.^.

The palette is sold in Canada for $68. In Vancouver, $68 plus 12% tax, it's pretty crazy isn't it?

It comes with:
- A dual eyeshadow brush - synthetic one
- 20 eyeshadow colours. Some are shimmer, some are metallic and some are matte.

Urban Decay eyeshadow is one of my favourite because of the pigmentation and if you compare to different brand, Urban Decay rocks with eyeshadow and they're not so expensive at all (well it's a little bit expensive but cheaper than the other brands which are super expensive and the quality is just quite-not-so-great)

From left to right and from above to below, I will list the name of each colour. Picture doesn't really do much justice. I tried my best to actually took the picture without any filter ;)

First picture: Above
1. Spoke out: is a dark, slightly shimmer metallic purple (more on the black side)
2. Lovesick: is a glittery black colour. Even though I really like how it looks, when I put it on my eyes and during the day, the glitter went off and left me with uneven eyeshadow on my eyes. It was very disappointing.
3. Shellshock: is a full shimmer silvery colour. It's super pigmented. It's a great colour for when you want to exaggerating the eyes to have a doll look ^.^
4. Coax: is a really nice full shimmer, pigmented pink. I normally don't use pink, but this colour is amazing!
5. X-Rated: is a light shimmery pink colour. It looks great to go together with Coax

First picture Below
6. Prank: the colour is dark, shimmer, metallic blue (with black). It's a beautiful colour. The colour in the picture doesn't really show its colour at all. This colour is beautiful by itself. It's one of the colour that made me get this palette.
7. Madness: is a light, full, shimmery, royal blue. It's slightly bright when you apply it on the skin. Very beautiful.
8. Strike: A golden, shimmer colour. This colour is quite common in eyeshadow. This one actually show more of the yellow than the usual golden colour.
9. Stash: is a more golden, green, shimmer colour. Somehow you'll see little bit of grey in the colour.
10. Poison: is shimmery, black (but you can see little bit of blue in it if you look carefully).

Second picture Above
11. Radar: is a darker, golden shimmer colour. It can stand by itself with a little of highlighter and it will look great.
12. Damaged: is a dark, shimmer green. It's one of the unique colour that I like a lot.
13. Voodoo: is a super shimmery purple. One of my favourite as well ^.^
14. Derailed: Anyway, it's a dark, shimmer brown with light golden. This colour is supposed to be #15 in the palette 3rd row but I messed up the colour order. 
15. Betrayal: is shimmer, metallic purple which I also like a lot. It feels like it has 2 dimension of colours in it.
Second picture Below
16. Dope: is a super light, shimmery, metallic pink. It's really nice for highlighting.
17. Toxic: is a shimmery red-orange colour. It's a bit similar to one of my Illamasqua eyeshadow colour.
18. Habit: is matte biege colour. Great for highlighting under the brow bone.
19. Ambush: is another golden, shimmery, metallic but slightly orange colour.
20. Rewind: is a matte brown colour. This one will be great for eyebrow ;)

Well, that's all for the review. I know this one is long because I want to let you all know about each of the colour ;). They are all very beautiful and I am very happy with it ^.^

I hope you enjoy my review and please feel free to leave any feedback and suggestion. Until my next post; Happy New Year to all of you and May God bless you all with happiness and prosperity :)