Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pretty little things for handcraft

Hello beauties,

I apologize for my long disappearance! I have excuses. As of now I'm starting full time job so I'll be a little more busy. Also, for the last month it's quite crazy-busy-slow-ass month for me. I was busy doing researching and working on our WhyKnot CrowFunding Campaign for a documentary film project that I am an Associate Producer. So that's the reason why I barely got on blog :<.

Anyway, today I get on here just want to show you ladies what I have just got in the mail ^.^. I ordered these a month ago and now they just came so I was super excited! I am going to do some handcrafting in my free time! Yay!

These are the beads that I have ordered online. I love online shopping! They are super cheap. It takes awhile to get here but worth it ;)

And these are the shawls that I will be doing some DIY decorating on ^.^. They are beautiful Pashmina  shawls and not so expensive! You can get them Here

I will post a picture of my finishing touch ;). But now I just want to say hello and welcome to December! It's the month of spending! I have already spent a lot :<.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and I'll see you soon!

P.S: I have a really nice haul but will post later when I finish putting all the pics together ^.^