Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Double Sephora Hauls

Hello beauties,

It's the month for Christmas shopping! Even those these weren't my Christmas shopping. They were actually birthday gift and some treats I got for myself awhile ago :)

Anyway, it's Sephora haul again! And this time it's a double because I've got orders from Sephora. One order was from me and the other one was from a friend. He got me some really nice products from Sephora especially something that I would never ever buy for myself even though I was so in love with the product ^.^

These are the items that a friend of mine got for me. I love them all especially I finally get to have my hands on those Stilla eyeshadow which is super expensive for $42 each before tax. He got me 2 of them ^.^ yay!

The colours are:
- Comex Gold
- Metallic Emerald
Oh and for sure, I will definitely use these colours when I'm out and about!

This Stilla eyeshadow type comes as a set with:
- A small bottle of liquid primer. You can mix the eyeshadow to make it last longer.
- A small aluminum plate for mixing the eyeshadow and primer together.

Then he got me the Marc Jacobs beauty set. The packaging is beautiful! They are totally high end when you look at them. The price for this set is $107 plus tax.

The set comes with:

- A makeup pouch (it's a beautiful one)
- An eyeshadow palette
- An eyeliner
- A mascara
- A lipgloss (love it!)
- A mirror for you to carry around in your makeup bag (I save it for my travel indeed).
- A deluxe sample of Marc Jacob Honey perfume. The smell is quite nice but quite strong to me. Still it's perfect for travelling because I'm going soon!!!

I love this set! It's a great deal for makeupaholic-Like Me ^.^

Then I got myself a few items on Sephora as well because these were all on sale. So it was such a great deal and it would be a waste if I didn't order them ^.^
So I ordered:

- A Hello Kitty eyeliner pencil set. This set had lots of great review on it and it was on sale so I just had to grab it!
- A Sephora nail polish. The colour is very pretty! Love the colour.
- A Too Faced makeup palette.
This palette is super pretty! I love it! And I plan to bring it with me when I travel. Last year when I travelled, I brought so many eyeshadows with me and I didn't really use much at all. Also, it was a pain to carry a big makeup pouch =.=. So this year, this one will come in handy ^.^

The palette has:
- 10 eyeshadow - 6 of them are shimmer and 2 of them are matte which I can use the lighter one for highlighting the brow bone, and the darker one I can use as brow powder ^.^
 - It also has: bronzer and contour powder and blusher with a mini blush brush.
- One good thing is that, the palette also comes with a deluxe eyeshadow primer. I wanted to try this one long time already. I heard lots of good review about it.
- It also comes with some facecharts for different makeup look using the colours on the palette. It's pretty cool isn't it. I find it's really convenient for people who just start makeup. This palette is surely a must have. I'm kind of thinking who is makeup beginner so I can buy this for her as Christmas gift hehehe.

The palette smells quite nice too so it's a bonus!

And come with my order are a few samples I got:

- Bumble & Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner as I will be travelling soon so I need these ^.^
- Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face cream. I wanted to try this brand cream cuz I have heard lots of good thing about it.
- A deluxe sample Fresh Rose Face Mask. I love the smell ^.^. And it's quite a famous product as well.
- A Givenchy Irresistible perfume

So that's all for my double Sephora haul. One is as a gift and one is as a treat for myself ^.^. More Birthday treat will becoming soon!

I hope you ladies enjoy my Shopaholic experience. Now you can imagine my makeup wardrobe :)

Until my next post, have a wonderful week everyone!