Saturday, December 7, 2013

Birthday Treat-Illamasqua Hauls again!

Hello everyone,

It's a haul again. These products I purchased in my birthday month as they have special discount for birthday girl so I decided to stock up some of Illamasqua makeup ^.^ These are the products that I will be using a lot as you know I work for Illamasqua ;)

So these are all that I have ordered online. They were in a super great deal so I just had to get them. If I could, I would order a lot more but I decided to wait a little longer to get some more special discount ;). In the mean time, these are in need.

I ordered: A hydration primer, an eyeshadow palette (Christmas collection), a cream pigment in Emerge, 2 pure pigment in Fervent & Alluvium. I specially love Illamasqua pure pigment. I will definitely get the whole collection of it ;).

So this is the hydration primer called Hydra Veil as I have done a review about it a few months ago. You can check out the review Here

The price in Canada is: $48 plus tax especially in Vancouver, $42 + 12% tax ^.^. Crazy ass expensive right? However, this is the only brand that you can buy in Canada that is cheaper than in the U.S. Guarantee you that! I am actually addicted to this product because not only it hydrates the skin but also gives the skin firmness. However, in the winter, you need a little bit of moisturizer underneath. For summer time, you don't need moisturizer at all.

I got the eyeshadow palette "Fatale" which is quite hot right now because it's a Christmas collection and it just came out recently. The moment I saw the video demonstrating the eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to have it! So yes, I got it!

The colours are beautiful and super pigmented just like Illamasqua eyeshadow :>. Once again, Illamasqua didn't fail me in their product quality. I will definitely do a review about this eyeshadow palette.
I feel like I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes that I need to do review on. I've been hauling instead of reviewing for quite awhile now :/. Please forgive me as I am too overwhelmed with all these shopping!!!

And these are pure pigment & cream pigment. The one on the left picture is pure pigment and the one on the right is cream pigment as you can see clearly ;)

When I finish collecting all the pure pigment from Illamasqua, I will give a good review about these. But at the moment, please enjoy my collecting part ^.^

The cream pigment emerge, I normally use for lips as it give a nice nude lip and long lasting. Or sometimes I use it on the eye before applying on eyeshadow as eye primer. It's a beautiful colour.

Last but not least, I also got these while I was working on slow days. I mean, when I couldn't make any sale, I decided to buy my own haha.

 I got a sealing gel (it's amazing),
a pure pigment Berber,
a brow cake Thunder
a cream blusher Libido + the blusher Allure was an incentive.

As you can see, I am collecting pure pigment ^.^. Can't wait to have my hands on all of them. It will come fast ;).
The 2 blushers are quite opposite to each other. One is super red/orange cream blush and the other one is powder and quite dark shimmer colour but I love them both. In facet I have an extra Allure blush for my next Giveaway ^.^

And the products in this picture are all incentives which I got from Illamasqua. One of the product Gleam was from our U.S trainer. She came for a visit and left us with some gratis.
- The Gleam Aurora is light a highlighter, but I will talk more about it later in my review.
- I also got an intense lipgloss (liquid lipstick) in Maiden colour. It's in our Christmas collection.
- A nail polish in Blizzard. I love it! And it's limited edition. It's also in the Christmas collection.
- A Butter London nail polish, I got it from a demo for Butter London when there was a Gala event at my work place. This one is like gift with purchase. So she decided to give me one after I gave her a deluxe sample of hydra veil. I have so many nail polishes that I haven't even touched it yet :/

So that's all for my Birthday Treat Illamasqua haul. Sorry for the delay posting as I have so many haul that I couldn't possibly post all in the same time because it would be a long a*s*s post :/. Don't want to bore you out :). I hope you enjoy my haul and until my next post, have a wonderful weekend everyone!