Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Beautiful but Sad City - Part 1

I'm wondering if any other countries that have the same "personality" like this city. Maybe not because I've seen lots of people from different cities and they all have complained about the problem of this city: "The surface is friendly, but the reality is not". People here are friendly, but they are not. It's a little bit complicated isn't it?

My Vietnamese

I come from an Asian background especially Vietnamese background.
We are sarcastic people. We make joke all the time. We are polite but "we are not polite". We make fun of everyone even ourselves. We like laughter. Every sentence we speak has to have a little joke in it. If you are not used to our culture, you will get offended easily. We like to play with words. It's a little bit like Poetry, but a dirty one. We are more aggressive type of people. We like winning so joke often leads to a "mouth fight". When the fight reaches its climax, we slow down and we start to talk about something else then we laugh again. Or once in while, we will start to stop talking to the other person just because we feel so much offended. But guess what, it won't last long, maybe a month... hehe. But we don't fake ourselves and our emotions. We are pretty straightforward people as well.

When I was in Vietnam, I often thought that Vietnamese people were stupid, rude, sarcastic and I hated my own people (well I still don't like my own people :/ I guess it's a culture thing, we don't like each other; it's weird to show love!). But now I think about it again, it was fun back then. We always had fight between mouth to mouth and brain to brain. Who was smart enough to be quick with words would win and the others just had to shut up. Then we discussed new stuff :)).

Vietnamese people are pretty chill. I should say they are one of the most country that can relax - have a coffee - sit down eat breakfast before going to work. The amount of food places open in Vietnam at night I cannot count. People have party every night after work. I call it's party but it's not really party at all. They are just friends/co-workers going out for dinner after work then drink the night away until 9-10pm then go home sleep for the next working day. Who can do that? Vietnamese people can! They are the people you can call: "Work Hard-Party Hard". Every day is like weekend to us except weekend you even have more time to chill and you can drink till next morning and sleep in!

We do more than we talk. That's why I say "showing love is weird" because we often don't say "I love you" to each other unless it has to be very special and overwhelmed that we have to say the magic words!

I can go on and on about Vietnamese people but it's just an image for you to see another culture & people before I'm getting to the point. Sorry for going off topic a little bit but it's a culture thing, can't help it.

If you get a chance to travel the world, you will see how vast it is and how different societies are. If you just stay at one place and adapt to just your own society you'll become very ignorant and only know about your society.

I've lived in 4 different countries now: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Canada.

I was born in between Cambodia and Vietnam then grew up in between them. I only stayed in Thailand for about a year and now Canada for more than 8 years.

I can totally see the differences between the 4 countries. Had been able to live in different countries, the shape of my personality is kind of different from people I have met. I have become adaptable to any environment and society I live in. I'm adapted to it but I don't change because of it. And I think that's the reason why I stand out more.

I find that knowledge is priceless and if you can learn more, you should because that's how the world formed. You learn from this, you work for that; you put them together and it works out perfectly! That's the way I work and see thing in life.

Canada Life

I've been living in Canada(Vancouver) for more than 8 years and it has a big impact on my personality. I've changed a little for good! Sometimes, I secretly thank you the Universe for giving me a chance to come and live in Canada; but somehow I don't really really like this place at all. Not because the city is not beautiful, it's just the people that make me sad. It doesn't matter how hard I've tried, I just don't fit in at all and I can't. People here are quite doomed especially in the Winter!

The city itself is beautiful and I miss it when I'm away. Living in Canada in general, there is vast opportunity for people who are hard working, the equality, the benefit of being a resident. Canada is actually one of the best place we can live in and I'm thankful for that. And I love Canada!

I haven't been in different provinces in Canada yet, so far I've just been running around BC and I can still see the different between Vancouver & other cities in BC.

Vancouver people, are special! They are super polite and they are only in their own zones. They won't bother you. They don't like to get involved with strangers. If you talk to them, they will lift up their lips and give you a very Awkward Smile and "aah ha, aah ha" just to show you they're not rude and can't wait to get out the of place where they have to stand beside you.

Another thing to avoid talking to you is that: they will pretend you are not there. They will stare at their phones so you don't make eye contact(I do sometimes only when I'm in a bad mood). They REspect your privacy so you should respect theirs too, so don't talk to them!

To Be Continued....

P.S: I know I haven't finished my Monday Gossiping on M.A.C yet, but will come back to it later after our crowfunding finishes. In the mean time, I'm just writing what I'm feeling right now. I am So random!!!