Sunday, November 10, 2013

Your Support Is Very Important To Us!

Hello my friends on Google+, fellow bloggers from all around the world,

We've been working on this project called "WhyKnot". It's about Marriage and Monogamy. For the past 5 years, my boyfriend (the producer&director) of the film has done a ton of researching to know about why people get married and why infidelity always gets in the way at least once in a life time.

In order to complete the film, we have to raise $42,000 and that's why we are using a method of CrowFunding which means that everyone can donate to our campaign to support us on this.

And me, as an Associate producer, I just got in the  project for the past 2 years to help him with the film. I  am so happy to announce that our trailer is now on live and our campaign is finally up for contributor.

We appreciate every little support you could give us by contributing to our campaign and share the words with your friends and the people who are interested in the issue of Marriage and Monogamy.

To get to know more about the movie please watch our trailer & campaign here: Contribute To WhyKnot Movie

Please Help Us To Complete This Movie By Contributing To Our Campaign

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Lots of Love!