Friday, November 1, 2013

November Message To You All Beauties!!!

Good morning from Vancouver!

I don't know why these days I wakeup so early :<. Suppose I'm working at 12, my alarm will ring at 9:30 but I wake up at 8:30 already :<. On my day off I wakeup even earlier LoL, dunno why :/

Happy November everyone especially who has Scorpio sign :>. Happy Birthday to all the Scorpio ^.^ This is Scorpio month! Gotta kick ass!!!

It's another month already. I feel like time is flying. I still remember my October post to mark my comeback after being so busy on Sept. Now, there is only 53 days left until Christmas and 60 days until New Year.

I think I should host another Giveaway soon to mark the end of 2013 :). This giveaway is going to be a big one :>. So any of you have been following & reading my blog (especially this entry), please stay tune. I've already had an idea of what I'm going to give :).

My November will also be very busy. Since yesterday I start working again and until next Sunday to have day off. I'm a workaholic and shopaholic hihihi. Gotta work to make some cash to buy some stuff yah know ;)

I have been ordering a few products from Sephora, they should be arriving within a week or so, probably next week ;). I'm excited!!!

Have a wonderful November everyone! Kick ass and stay safe for up coming New Year :)