Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Fall And Winter Makeup Hauls

PHello hello ladies,

I hope you're not saying: "this girl is a super shopaholic" hihihi. I'm going to show off my massive haul hehe. There was time I thought to do it on video so it would be quicker than posting pictures & writing but I am thinking of renewing my Youtube channel soon. So I'll just post my haul as usual ;). I hope you ladies enjoy!!!

First one is Clarin package

I haven't really tried Clarin product at all except for the hand & nail cream from my boyfriend's mom. I quite like the hand cream.

I was in need of a night cream so I decided to give this Clarin baby a try ;).

At that time, Clarin had gift with purchase and the product was in a gift set as well so I got 2 gifts total for about $50 so I was happy and I got it ;). I love gift!!!

The gift with purchase bag had a full size lipstick worth $27, so that was another reason for me to buy ^.^. I like the lipstick colour as well. It's a very nice nude pink.

All the product from the gift are deluxe samples.

I will do review about each product I use when I get a chance to use them. There are so many and I don't know where I should start. Maybe I'll save them for when I travel. They sure come in handy ;). My most favourite out of these deluxe sample is the Hydra mask. It's said to be usable for applying all night. 

The second one is Biotherm goodies. 

I got a shower gel. I love the fragrance smell but I don't want to buy the whole bottle of perfume so I got the shower gel instead. The smell is the same.

And then another one is deodorant. I just finish one Biotherm deodorant so decided to get a new one. This one is a bit different smell than the one I got.

So for purchasing those, I also got some gifts from Biotherm as well hehe. They are all deluxe samples again. I'm not sure when will I be able to use all the deluxe samples I got LoL.
I got a Skin Vivo day cream, a makeup remover & a new fragrance for man ;). My boyfriend likes the smell a lot.
Biotherm products are quite nice themselves. These are all perfect size for travelling.

The third one is Lancôme.

I got a new Artliner from Lancome. The collection is new and it's like an alternative for people who want to buy waterproof eyeliner. They are all waterproof and I'm super exciting because they have more vibrant colour.

It was time for gift with purchase as well. You buy $35 you get 7 pieces of gifts includes: eyeshadow palette, a lipstick or gloss, a mascara, a makeup remover, a body cream, a moisturizer & a bag. They are all deluxe samples!

The Artliner is $37, so it's just right on the price. I don't have to spend extra hehe. I'm thinking of getting the green eyeliner from the line as well before the GWP goes away LoL.

Worth the price ;)

The forth one is "Shopper Drug Mart shopping." 

I got an eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay Vice 2 and its limited edition ;)

An eyeliner from Stilla. My second one so far. Stilla All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

A cotton pad package from Quo. I want to compare this with the Shiseido one hehe. This cotton pad package is so much cheaper and it goes on sale once in awhile.

Last one is Estée Lauder fall lip set.

And because I bought all of these together, I was eligible to get a bag of deluxe sample goodies! They are all very nice products actually, great for travelling.

I love the packaging and the colours in Vice2. Some of the colours I don't have so I just had to grab this beauty. I'm kind of collecting limited edition makeup because I don't really use 1 kind all the time. I barely repurchase the same product twice. So limited edition suits me ^.^. Will do a review about this palette soon enough ;)

This is Estée Lauder Fall lip set.
It's a beautiful set ;). I love the lipgloss in the jar the most but I gave the set to my boyfriend's mom already heheh.

The set was a great deal as well. It comes with a full size lipstick, full size lipgloss and deluxe sample of lipliner with a small pouch.

 At that time they were having a Gala event, when you spent $125 on cosmetic, you would get a tote bag with about 18 deluxe samples. So I decided to make it to $125 to get the goodies ^.^

These goodies are just what I need for travelling. I love collecting deluxe samples!

They are all in different brands like: Lancome, Smasbox, Benefit, Lab, Cover Fx, Clarin, Korres, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc...

The tote bag is quite nice as well, but I think I'll keep it for my aunt in Vietnam :>

I love Shopper Drug Mart because they always have point event on the weekend or discount and stuff. It's one of my favourite place to go when it comes to saving ^.^

I hope you enjoy the haul and don't worry, I will be doing review soon on some of the product. If you'd like me to review any of these first please let me know ^.^.

I am super busy this week, I've been working 5 days straight and won't stop until next Monday :< that's why I didn't really get online at all :<.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!