Saturday, November 9, 2013

Clarin HydraQuench Cream Review

Hi hi lovelies,

As you know a few days ago I did a Fall Winter haul. Clarin was one of the first I got from the haul. So today I'd like to talk about this cream so you lady can get an idea if you're thinking of trying Clarin product ;)

I am not a super fan of night cream because I'm super lazy. The only thing I normally do at night is cleansing my face, massage genifique concentrate and that's it. Since I'm out of genifique and I don't know when I will get it again, I decide to use night cream as my face getting a little dry in the winter ^.^

I came across this lovely HydraQuench cream which is great for day and night time, but I don't use it for day time because it doesn't have SPF in it. Well, there is an exception, I will use it in the day on my day off to keep my face hydrate ^.^

The cream comes in a set for about $55 including tax so I thought it was a pretty good deal. Plus, I also get a gift as GWP and there a full size lipstick ^.^ So it actually was an amazing deal!

Anyway, for the price, this cream is very reasonable.

The cream is just a regular cream. It doesn't have anti-aging.

I feel that it's quite nice because it actually keeps the face moisturized until morning. Even when I wash my face, I still can feel the moisture.
The smell is amazing to me. It's very suitable for my liking ^.^

The texture of the cream is smooth and thin, not thick like other creams I have tried.

It does not feel like it has chemical in there because it doesn't cause any irritation to my skin, not even tinkling. So it's bonus.

I think this cream will be a good try for people who are picky when it comes to moisturizer ;)
Overall, I would give this cream a 4.5 stars because for some reason, I feel like the cream sit on my face but not absorbing :/. Maybe it's my skin :/. But it does hydrate my skin though.

I will do reviews on these deluxe sample from Clarin as well when I get a chance to try them because I have way too many product to use hihi ^.^. Deluxe samples are just amazing!

Well I hope I provide enough information for you ladies to give it a try if you'd like :). Give me your feedback if you have already tried it and tell me what you think.

Until my next post, have a wonderful weekend everyone!