Saturday, October 12, 2013

Victoria Secret Makeup Prime Spray Review

Hello again from Vancouver,

As the title says; today I'm going to do a review about this makeup setting spray that I got from Victoria Secret grand opening for $12 I think (12 or 15) can't remember.

To be honest, I am not a super fan of makeup setting spray at all. It makes me feel weird when I spray something on my face after finishing my makeup.
With this product, it says that you can use it before and after makeup. So basically, you can use it as primer before applying on makeup and set the makeup after finishing to keep it last long during the day. It's such a great idea to use setting spray because it actually keeps the makeup on for the whole day.

So here are the points of how I feel about the product:

 - With this product, it tends to give me a sticky feeling on my face like the feeling of hairspray on my skin. Beside that, the setting spray also gives me a dewy, or more like oily looking face even though my face is not oily -.- have never tried Urban Decay setting spray so I cannot compare too much.

 - When I use it as primer, it does hold my makeup but it also holds me from blending -.-

- It gives me oily looking face, but it actually make my skin feel dry.

- It makes my skin break out =.=. I used it for like 2-3 times then I stop until now. I couldn't bring myself to spray on the face because I'm so scared to break out again :<

So those are the my experiences about Victoria Secret Makeup Prime Setting Spray.

Even though it's not good for my skin, it maybe good for more of oily skin type because when I saw my face looking oily (dewy), but it wasn't oily. So I figured, this product actually helps to control oil.

About dry skin, I am not sure because it may cause irritation as dry skin tends to be more sensitive.

So that's my experiences & thoughts about Victoria Secret Makeup setting spray.

I hope you ladies enjoy the review. Please feel free to share your experience about the product if you have tried it ^.^

Until my next post, have a wonderful weekend everyone!