Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer (Original) review

Hello beauties,

As the title says, today I'm going to do a review about this beauty even though it's so old time already. I'm telling you my truest about this eyeshadow primer, so stay with me ;)

If I rate this one, I would rate it 3.5/5 stars as I find that it doesn't really completely hold the eyeshadow much.

It creases a little bit during the day even though my eyelids are not super oily. The eyeshadow doesn't smudge out much but still, with eyeshadow primer I have high expectation. For the most part, if you only use it on the lids to reduce the oiliness then it's great. But when you put on eyeshadow it tends to crease a little after.

Texture is nice it's not clear but it becomes transparent after it dries on the lids.

Image from Google
So if you're looking to try this eyeshadow primer, you should. It may not work on me but it may give you a good impression depends on the person's skin anyway maybe I'm a bit picky on everything ^.^

They also come in different colour of the eyeshadow primers depend on what texture and look you like. For me, the original is enough as I don't want my eyeshadow to get mixed up with the other colour, that's how you see the full effect right?

I don't have a lot to say about this eyeshadow primer but it's actually worth a try for people who has never tried eyeshadow primer before :). To be honest, I didn't even buy the primer, I always try to get deluxe sample from Sephora before I'm going to buy anything. So if you'd like to try and are not sure whether you should buy it or not, you should think of getting one deluxe sample from Sephora or ask the beauty advisor to give you a small sample to bring home and use it.

Anyway ladies, I hope you enjoy the review and sorry for this time the post is a bit short ^.^. I like to try different product and give my opinion and tell you what product is the best.

Until my next post, have a wonderful Tuesday everyone. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be busy again for the next 5 days!!!