Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash Review

Hello ladies,

Today I'm feeling like giving this lovely product "The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Cleanser a review. I have been using this one for a few months already and almost finish it. I am pretty easy going with cleanser but especially I love cleanser that produces foam when I'm massaging my face ;). I came across this product while taking an interest in The Body Shop makeups.
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This product is like 98% organic so it's a bonus point. I have never tried organic product before so this one was my first one.

The price is reasonable as The Body Shop is always giving great deal on products so I have no complain about the brand.

The product quality is definitely not bad at all. If you're looking for a good budget cleanser, this will be your best friend.

The bottle is 150ml, so it will last you for awhile. However, because the texture is foaming when you pump the product out, it seems to me that I use more of the product than I used to use cream cleanser. It's been only a few months since I got it and I almost finish the bottle :/

- As it is 98% organic, it's very good for sensitive skin even though I don't really need it. It's said to be good for first sign of anti aging.
- It cleanses the face very well. I feel a little tight after; maybe because of the effect of anti aging ingredient.
 - It doesn't dry my face like other cleanser. My face is quite picky when it comes to cleanser although my face is not really sensitive to too much products at all.

I would recommend this product for people who are looking for a good cleanser with small budget. Other than go to drug store to buy some products you don't really know about, give this brand a chance.

I don't have much to say about the product as it's pretty obvious and easy going. I would definitely buy it again; however, I still want to try different cleanser ^.^. So I may come back to it if I can't find a better product :)

I hope you ladies enjoy my review. Until my next post, have a wonderful Thursday :)