Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Gossiping: M.A.C The BigMac-My Story

Hello beauties,

It's Monday again! And it's time for gossiping! So let's continue what I have left of last Monday Gossiping about my topic: M.A.C The BigMac. Sorry I had to skip the Monday Gossiping last week because I had work that day :/ so I couldn't get on and write the article.

Anyway, welcome to my experience about M.A.C job interview. I don't know about other M.A.C stores in other countries, but in Vancouver, interview with M.A.C is basically a joke! A not so funny joke.

Like most of other aspiring makeup artists, my dream was to be a part of M.A.C team after I graduated. Actually, the reason I got into makeup artistry was because I wanted to work for M.A.C so badly. I was inspired by Michelle Phan to be a makeup artist, but M.A.C was the actual reason that I went to school because I thought that if I really wanted to work for M.A.C, I had to have a degree in makeup artistry so yes, I went straight to apply for my makeup course.

I love makeup and I loved how M.A.C pride themselves as an actually artistry brand.
M.A.C style of makeup and fashion were totally my style, that's why I couldn't find any other reason not to work for M.A.C. I had a big dream about M.A.C and I was ready to grow with M.A.C. It was a month after I went to school for makeup. Luckily, I finished the basic makeup section before M.A.C was hosting a job fair for summer. So I was super excited to go for an interview! I went there and waited for about an hour and half for my name be called for the interview.

First time, I was nervous and I was pretty new to the makeup industry so I couldn't make it through the first round. At that time, I knew that the reason I didn't get in because I was still in school and I couldn't commit to come for M.A.C 6 days training. Also, I didn't have much of retail experience.

I didn't give up. I tried to volunteer for Chanel to get some experience about retail and improve my makeup skill. I ended working for Chanel after 2 weeks of volunteering. I got hired by Chanel as demo. I still kept my hope up for one day I would apply to work at M.A.C again. I thought that it was just a matter of time.

Then, M.A.C hosted a second job fair. I was eager to apply because I was so sure that I would get in. Second interview was about 2 hours long waiting. I made it through the first round. Then second round when they tested people artistry skill. I made it through again. The last round was going to speak to the store manager. Guess what? Sadly I was dumbfound after going through all that troubles and time wasting that they were only hiring for TEMPORARY position & ON CALL position and also only TWO positions were available!

It felt like a thunder just went through my ears and my stomach was having butterfly because I was so pissed off!!! They wasted all the people time for just those 2 positions. Even though I was so pissed off, I still hoped that I got the job. It didn't really matter to me because I wanted to work for them so badly.
So the store manager said that there were 6 people got into talking to her. She would decide later & let us know who got in.

Unfortunately, it didn't matter how confident I was, I failed again :(. Then after that I continued to work as Demo for Chanel for a few months and dropped resume around beauty counter hoping to get hired by one of those beauty brand. Still, the reason I tried to get experience just to get into M.A.C.

To be continued...

My story is not yet ended.

I hope you ladies enjoy the parts of it. Part three will come soon ;)

Have a great Monday everyone <3