Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Gossiping: M.A.C The BigMac Intro

Hello Beauties! Welcome to my Monday Gossiping even though last Monday I didn't do any gossip.

The title for this Monday Gossiping is "M.A.C The BigMac". This will be a bit a of a series because I don't want you to bore out with 1 long ass page. So I decide to cut them into part.

Why I chose this title? Well, after reading what I have to say you will understand why ;). So Keep on reading ^.^
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As you all know that M.A.C Cosmetics is a quite well known & loved brand. Also, for your information if you have never done researching  on M.A.C Cosmetics; M.A.C was originally from Ontario Canada and was found by Frank Toskan & Frank Angelo. Until 1996, Estee Lauder bought M.A.C and now M.A.C has become an American company.

M.A.C has become a successful cosmetic line that no one doesn't know about M.A.C especially for a 14 years old girl to own M.A.C makeups, she would be a bit of celebrity in her circle of friends.

It's an aspiring makeup artist's dream to get hired by M.A.C because M.A.C is such an artistry line that intrigues young girls/boys to want become a part of their teams. If you hear someone has worked for M.A.C or are working for M.A.C, you know she/he is a pro. It also means that, if you want to work for M.A.C you have to go through a longgg ass process of interviews.

- First interview: you have to come in dolled-up, all in black (some girls would wear 5 inches heels just to impress the interviewers). Well, some of them may like it, some of them may not ;). The first interview is about talking. So they will probably ask you one of this in the question list: "why do you want to work for M.A.C" the simplest and plainest answer is: "I LOVE MAC!" . You are expected to know little something about M.A.C. Trick is: you just need to mention some of your favourite products from M.A.C if you REALLY have it!

- Second interview: if you pass the first one, you'll get a chance to come for a second interview which you will bring one of your model. This part is for testing your artistry skill. They will give you the theme and you do what you feel is right. Fingers crossed they are happy with what you have done. Then you get the chance for the 3rd interview.

- Third interview is final: where you come and speak to the manager of a certain store of locations you have picked when you apply. Now this part is for testing your retail experience. If you have no retail experience, you have very little chance to get hired because they want people who can sell!

By the time you completely finish the interview process, it takes about 3 weeks. One week for each waiting time, but interview time maximum 2.5 hours waiting for the first one depends on how early you go there, 1.5 for the second and 15-20 minutes for the third. An extra few days to wait for the answer whether you are hired or not. So totally almost 4 weeks.

If you're lucky and you have met the requirements for the job, you will get hired after 3.5 long weeks to get an ON-CALL position! However, you will get paid-training for 1 week and after that just sit on your ass and wait for the CALL. And you are not allowed to work for any other cosmetic company when you are hired by M.A.C. So if you are in between job, better get another retail position that is convenient for you whenever you want to come to work so you wouldn't miss your M.A.C job until you get a part time or full time position at M.A.C and that will be another long ass waiting until you get there. You have to prove you're worthy of M.A.C. Yah, seriously.

M.A.C wage is about $15/hour. It's not bad for a starting wage; it's actually great! However, you don't know when you will get another rate, maybe in a few years?

If you haven't met all the requirements that they've been torturing you for the past 3 weeks, they will tell you to come back again for the next opening job fair! "Don't give up honey, don't give up."

The job fair opens twice a year:

- One in the summer when their original staffs need vacations because they have been working so hard. They will hire you in their conveniences so that you can replace that person in the mean time. And they will wipe your ass out after their original staffs come back. Around the time you're working with them, if you show them you are the best best, they may keep you. "It's about who you know and who you hang out with there"

- One in the winter (for Christmas only and most of them are temporary positions). After that, if you decide to stick with M.A.C you can sit on your ass and wait or go for another cosmetic company where they don't waste too much of your time.

They pick people very carefully and they love wasting people's time! Those who have made it are those who are super patient and don't give up (normally they would put about 5kg of foundation on so that they would have thicker skin to keep coming back when they fail). Those are very admirable people because they show their passions for M.A.C!

Unfortunately, I am not very PASSIONATE about the brand after 4 times of coming back for the interview LoL.

To be continued...

If you'd like to know more about this story, stay tune and there will be more to come about this interesting topic ;)

I hope you ladies enjoy my "M.A.C The BigMac"