Thursday, October 3, 2013

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Review

Hello lovelies,

As I promised, I will start to do a lot of review on products! First one for October is: Illamasqua Skin Base foundation.

I have had a chance to try on this foundation a few times and I finally come to my conclusion and I'm super excited to tell you about what I think of this product.

Price: $42 CAD or you can buy it in the UK for 27 Pounds.
The good thing is that, if you're in the U.S you can buy it for $42 US :/ They have a fair trade mark on U.S, AUS, CAD. So you can get it cheaper in Canada hehe ^.^.

The price is pretty decent for a premium foundation right?

As skin base is inspired by Asian BB cream, it gives a weightless feeling when you apply on. However, it's even better than a BB cream because it gives you enough coverage to actually cover all of the redness and helps to even out the skin tone. The foundation is not thick but very good coverage. It also buildable so I actually can apply on top of one another.

I love the texture after I applying it on. It makes me feel like my skin.

- With this foundation, it also has primer in it, so I don't have to use primer. Normally, primer is one of my most important step before I apply on the foundation :). Skin Base saves me 2 minutes & 30seconds.

- Skin Base foundation also has Vitamin which prevents the skin from oxidizing. The colour stays as it's shown after you applying on and won't change :).

- I find that this Skin Base foundation is really good for normal/combination or dry skin. With a super dry skin, it may show flakiness, all you need to do is: mix the foundation with your moisturizer & apply on.

- It's also good for oily skin. You only need a small amount of foundation if you have super oily skin then set the foundation with a matte finish powder. Or another choice for you is: RIch Liquid Foundation.

This foundation is like all in one foundation for most of the skin type. Even sensitive skin can use it because of its lightness in fragrance.

You can see how even the foundation makes my skin look :)? You don't even see any line right? (Lighting is bad I know :<)

I think this foundation is worth investing on because it will be your new best friend ;)

I hope you enjoy the review. Please let me know if you have any question or feedback. Thanks for stopping by.

Until my next post, have a great Thursday everyone! I'm going to work!!!