Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hi beauties,

I don't know how many eyeliner I have tried ever since I started to do makeup and to learn about eyeliner. Eye liner is like an important part of our makeup routine, we always try to find the best eyeliner to use.

The eyeliner qualification is: stay on, no smudge to the bottom of the eye, dry quick, can create fine line blah blah blah. Depends on a person's preference whether she wants to use waterproof or not. However, even it's tricky to actually find an eyeliner that is waterproof.

Before, my most favourite waterproof eyeliner was Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner until I found Illamasqua liquid eyeliner. And now, my favourite eyeliners to use are: Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof, Illamasqua liquid eyeliner, Lancome Art Liner 24H.

For me, as a makeup junky, I barely repurchase any makeup item because I have so many new products that I buy every month so the chance for me to repurchase an item is very rare. These liners I will repurchase them once they run out. Speaking about repurchasing, I just bought a new Stilla eyeliner :>

Anyway, go back to the main topic, I'm going to talk about Illamasqua eyeliner ;).

Image from Google
 I have had the chance to try the eyeliner and I quite like it. It's said to be waterproof and it does. The good thing is that: it's waterproof but you can use water to remove the eyeliner easily without smudging your eyes out.
What I mean "smudging your eyes out" is like this --------->>

It's waterproof when you go in the rain, or suddenly water sprays onto your face, your eyes won't get smudged like the picture above. But when you apply a little bit of water on top and massage the eyes gently with your fingers, you will remove the eyeliner easily.

The texture of the product is like glue texture, you can remove it just by massaging it out of your eyes just like how you remove the glue.

You can also use makeup remover but you have to remove it quick, don't like the  glue melt because it may smudge out like the picture above ^.^. Tricky eh?

The tip is okay to me. You can easily make a fine line just like how the Stilla felt tip, but this product's felt tip is a little bit harder than the Stilla, you can control it like a pen.

The collection comes in 4 colour: white, black, golden shimmer & dark brown purple (aubergine)

The white colour is my favourite since you can't really find a white liquid eyeliner anywhere at all. This white eyeliner will actually give you the "White liner" and it stays on the lids very well.

So overall, the only CON I find about the eyeliner is like the Stilla one: you cannot use it to draw a large surface "liner" because the ink will crack. This product is great for create fine line only.

So I absolutely recommend this liner if you're looking for a liquid liner that can create fine line, non-smudging; especially for people who their eyes always smudge even though the eyeliner is waterproof, definitely give this a try.

I hope you ladies enjoy my review and please feel free to leave me any feedback or suggestion. Until my next post, have a wonderful up coming Thursday everyone ;)