Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Illamasqua Haul Part 2

Hello beauties,

To mark my October, I won't hide myself so much again. I've been working with Illamasqua for a month now. It's new to Vancouver, so we have to take a lot of time to show ourselves to people. We have to introduce the products and let people try it on. It's kind of tiring, but I'm sure eventually we'll be known ;).

Anyway, as my previous haul I wrote that I'd be getting more products as incentive. I finally got them! I'm super excited to show you guys :>. I'll be doing product review later. I feel bad for haven't done any lately.

Here are the goodies that I have got *-*

I'm allowed to pick 10 items. I want to get more, but I think I will order some later. Wait until Christmas is over then I can get a great discount :)

I got:
- A Skin Base foundation - 01 for my creative makeup - especially I am obsessed with Geisha look!
- A white blusher - Intrigue to support for my Geisha look because the blush is super pigmented which is really important make the face whited out :>
- An eyeshadow palette - Fundamental Palette
- A green nail polish - Omen
- A green lipgloss - Shoot
- A dark green lipstick - Apocalips
- A Pure Pigment - Static
- A black & white liquid eyeliner
- A blue eyeliner pencil

Skin Base Foundation-01 with green nail polish- Omen and green lipgloss-Shoot.

I love them all especially the nail and the lipgloss. Even though I call it lipgloss but the pigment is more like lipstick. At Illamasqua, we call it liquid lipstick.

I will do a review on every item in here sometimes later when I have time. I tried most of the products and I love them already :)

As for foundation, I'll get to use it on the 6, because we suppose to do Halloween makeup!
What you think I'll have in mind?

The green lipstick on the picture doesn't do its justice. I tried to take picture of the colour of the lipstick as close as I could but it didn't really turn out to be close enough. It looks darker outside.

It's super matte and lasts long! Isn't it perfect for Halloween. However, people can also use it for daily wear as well. Who cares ;)

Next is my favourite products: Blusher!!! I love love love this white blusher. It smells really good as well :>

The good thing about this blusher is that: you can use it as highlighter for the face, nose, under brow bone. Or you can use it as white eyeshadow. Or for me, I use it as white powder, which I am inspired by the Japanese Geisha style makeup hehe. Love the red lip, cat eyeliner & white face!

These 2 are liquid eyeliners.
Wisdom is Black & Scribe is White.

The blue pencil eyeliner is Debonair. I haven't tried it yet. Will do some gossip about it later as well :)

Last but not least, one of my favourite as well: Eyeshadow palette - Fundamental palette and pure pigment - Static

I can't wait to get more of Illamasqua products ;). In the mean time, enjoy these :)

Have a great Weds everyone :)

I'm wearing one of Illamasqua nail polish - Nomad. The colour has been on my hands for a week already and did not chip!!!