Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October!

Good morning from Vancouver my lovely ladies,

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It's been awhile for me to wake up early in the morning and blog. Vancouver weather is already so cold. It has skipped the Fall and gone straight to Winter. Due to the stormy weather, rain kept falling down for the past few days along with strong wind. Luckily, today the weather is calmer and it not yet rains. I hope not. Fingers crossed. Even though there is no sunshine, I feel like going out! My feet hurt though for standing too much for the past month :<

I am quite a bony so I get cold easily and I hate it! Normally, you can taste the feeling of Fall, but this year I guess, we have to pretend it's Fall *-*.

October is for sure connected to Halloween. Everyone is so looking forward to it and is actually getting ready for Halloween already because that day of the month means that that day of the year you can be anyone you want to be! Yey!

I'll be moving to another place soon. That place is so much farther than where I work :< So it'll be a pain in the ass for me to go to work especially in the winter :((.

It feels good to have a day off and do nothing ^.^

Have a wonderful week everyone!