Monday, October 28, 2013

Addiction Alert!

I have start buying makeups again even though I have not even used the ones I got from last time. Ayah!
For 2 days, I keep stalking Sephora website and have scouted a few things that I'd like bring home! I have finally decided to check out an order from Sephora and the items are on its way to its mama :>
I am now still stalking on Sephora website and eventually will do a second order...and will check out soon...
There are still more items I want to get LoL
I am very addictive right now...Need Help!!!

Hello beauties,
It's just my Monday random talking ^.^ as I finally get my 3 days off after 5 days working straight hehe. After my 3 days I'll be busy for 11 days straight, not rest :(.

Any plan for Halloween ladies? I don't have any plan, but can't wait to go to work on that day so I can make some face gross :))

Have a wonderful starting week everyone. I'm taking my days off yay!!!

Will start writing my next Monday Gossiping ;)