Monday, September 2, 2013

Victoria's Secret Haul

Hello beauties,

Today I'd like to do a little haul from Victora's Secret. The store is just launched in Vancouver a few days ago, so I got the chance to go there and shopped. I have to admit that Victoria's Secret is pretty awesome with the deals ^.^. The products are also really nice as well.

Let's see what's inside ^.^

So these are all that I've got from VS. I got a VS umbrella as gift as well. The promotion was: spend $75 and they give you an umbrella.

At first I only wanted to check out VS makeup since I have heard a lot about it. But VS makeup line doesn't have many items  though. Most of them are lipgloss and I don't really buy lipgloss a lot though.

Their eyeshadows are okay. I tried to look for VS powder blush but I don't think they have it as I only saw cream blush which looked pretty cute but I don't use cream blush -.-

And here are the close up pictures of the items that I've got.

- The Iphone case is super cute and it's just perfect for what I really need.
It has 2 open slots for credit cards, 1 under slot also for credit card. Then the middle one I don't really know what to put in there, maybe I'll roll up my cash and put the money in it.
It's $20 plus tax, I'm not sure if it's expensive or not, but well I'm happy with it so no complain :)

- "Make It Last Prime" is a setting spray for makeup. This one you can use before and after you apply makeup. If you use before you applying makeup, it will works as primer. It's said to give nice base before applying makeup. Then after you finish applying makeup, you can spray it again to keep the makeup from running. Will do a review on it sometime later :)

- VS liquid eyeliner. They sell 1 for $9, 2 for $15 so I got 2 of them 1 black & 1 brown. I haven't opened them yet so I don't know how the brush look like ^.^. Will also do a review later when I get to try them ;)

Then the rest are body products ^.^

Ignore the first picture. The hands & body creams are the same the #3 pictures.

The reason I got so many body products were because they gave such a great deal when you buy 7 products for $35. I couldn't ignore it ^.^. So I got:

- 2 hand & body cream - "Such A Flirt" and "Endless Love". I love both smell hehe
- 1 body lotion - "Forever Pink". It has a lovely smell as well.
- 2 body mist - "Endless Love" and "Such A Flirt".
- 1 body wash "Forever Pink" and 1 body scrub "Sheer Love"

They all smell pretty! I love floral smell and these products suit me because the alcohol in these are not as strong as the other ones in store.

I had such a great experience at Victoria's Secret as it was the first time I actually got to shop at VS ^.^. It will take me a long time to finish all these products lol.

I hope you ladies enjoy my haul. Please share your experience with me if you have had a chance to try VS products ;)

Until my next post, have a great starting week everyone <3