Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay Double Detox Mask Review

Hello beauties around the world,

I am so impressed with this product from Tarte and very excited to talk about it.

My face has been breaking out lately for some reason (or no reason) I wouldn't know. And the funny thing was that: I was thinking how lucky I "am" to have such a nice skin without breaking out too much, then booom!!! It broke out =.= just right after I did the post about "How To Treat Acne & Clogged Pores Skin" :(((.
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I have been trying to remember what caused the problem...scientifically :/. Well, one of the reason was probably hormone started kicking in and another possible reason was that I used the Victoria's Secret Setting Spray which I have never tried before -.-. So those are the two reason that I can actually think of  that cause my skin to break out :< I still have to wait to see.

Anyway, I tried very hard to find a solution and stayed away from makeup as much as I could and cleaned my face more than usual LoL.

So I came across this lovely deluxe sample that I got from Sephora a few months ago which I didn't lay my eyes on because I thought "it's a clay mask, it doesn't suit my skin" due to my experience about The Body Shop clay mask :/. However, I have to say that, this product gives me a completely different thought ^.^.

When I had it on, I left it for like 15 mins. I didn't even want to take it off because it felt so good! Maybe because my face was quite itchy.

It dries quickly as well. It's up to you if you want to leave it on longer. But as suggested, you should normally leave the mask on for about 5 mins until it completely dries up.

After I washed off my face, it gave me a really smooth skin and it didn't burn or anything. I didn't even feel any tightness at all. Back then, when I applied clay mask, it left me tightness and itchiness.

- This product give a feeling of minty/cooling effect. It helps to cool down the skin especially when the skin is itchy.

- It also helps to reduce the oil I have on my face as well. The next day after I used the clay mask, I noticed the difference. My face felt more healthy and alive. I will definitely buy the full size of this product!

Another the good things about this product is that it doesn't have:

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates 

It's also a bit of a natural product so it's pretty suitable for everyone :)


- This product will be a great support for oily skin, normal skin or combination.
- I don't recommend this one for dry skin as it tends to suck out the oily from the skin a little bit.

The smell is quite nice as well ^.^

I hope you ladies enjoy my review. Please feel free to leave me any feedback, question or even share your thought with me if you have tried this product ;)

You can check the product here on its website ^.^

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Until my next post, have a wonderful up coming weds everyone!

P.s: I am quite busy this week :<


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