Saturday, September 7, 2013

My BHCosmetic & Sephora Haul!

Hello beauties,

I was meant to post this haul sooner but I was so busy that I couldn't even get on my blog. So today I decide to post this fast and head to bed. I'm so tired :<. I'll to wake up early tomorrow as well for some training. Will let you ladies know what's going on when I have a little bit more time ;)

So these are the products that I have order about a month ago

 Because BHCosmetic was giving a great deal, I decided to get these palettes. The colours are super pigmented and suit me so I thought I should put these into my collection ^.^

I got the Malibu eyeshadow palette. The palette also comes with blusher, highlighter & contour so it's perfect! It's a great palette for travelling ^.^ I will give these palettes review sometime later. I haven't even tried them yet :)
 I also got the BH Hollywood palette as well. It's similar to Malibu but the eyeshadows a little bit different ^.^

 The comes with the 2 palettes, I got this little travelling size brush set. These brush are super cute and they're all synthetic :). I save it for when I travel only. They're all double head, so the set is quite convenient ;)

<=== This one is eyeshadow & blending brush

===> This one is eyebrow (angle) & concealer brush  ===>

<=== This one is eyeliner & lip brush

===> This one is angle & smudge brush ===>

And these are the products that I got from Sephora!

 The Tarte set was on sale so I thought why not get it. It was only $35 for the 3 products. I have heard a lot of good thing them. So this time I'm giving these a try to see how they work. I will do a review as soon as I get to try it.

The set came with 3 popular products:

- A Blusher
- A lipgloss
- A lipstick

They're in such cool packaging ^.^

Then I got Sephora Colour Of The Year Pantone Universe
I'm loving these. I was tempted to buy them when they first came out. But the set was like $82 so I didn't want to get it. I was just looking at it everytime I went to Sephora. And now, I got it for $41! Yay!!!! These are beautiful! I have tried them and absolutely in love with the set! Once again, Sephora Pantone didn't disappoint me. I will do a review as well for this one sometimes later :) Hope I get my free time soon! I'm so busy this month :<
The set came with 6 items and they're all emerald colours!

- An eyeliner pencil (jumpo!)
- A mascara
- A loose pigment
- A gel liner
- An eyeshadow palette
- A eyeshadow block (cream eyeshadow)

I love most of them, except the eyeliner pencil, I haven't tried yet. And the eyeshadow block, I don't really like. I have to figure a way to use it without creasing.

Love the green of the eyeshadow palette. !

Love the green mascara!
Super love it!!!

The gel liner is pretty as well. The loose pigment, I also like but not love.

Enjoy the hauls and I will get back soon to do more of the review on this!