Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Gossiping: Illamasqua

Hi loves,

I am having such a super month this month. For 2 weeks straight I worked 6 days! Maybe it's not a lot for some people, but for me, it's a breaking record :>

Anyway, the reason I'm so busy is that I just got a new job as colour creative with Illamasqua, a UK cosmetic brand just came to Vancouver. So I was lucky to get hired ^.^. I normally don't like to work at department store, but since this is the only place where Illamasqua be sold, I have to take a chance. I wish they would have free standing store soon so I can apply hihi ^.^.

Even though I'm a Lancome freak, I still love trying different cosmetic brands. Ever since I get to know Illamasqua and about the passion behind the line, I am just so intrigued about it and also feel the brand deeply. Beside that, their products are super high quality, not like some brands which say to be premium but only by "the name". It's like every single category from the line is custom made. I love the differences compare them to others.

My favourite products from Illamasqua certainly are: Nail Polishes (especially Rare!), Hydra Veil primer, Eyeliner, Lip Liquid (Intense Lipgloss), Lipstick for sure, Skin Base foundation (especially the white one), white blush :o, white concealer, perfume Freak. Almost everything I would say. Some I may forget to mention ^.^

I'm sure this brand will be a hit in Vancouver and North America later. I just can't wait for that day to happen ^.^

I love the brand for its having emotional connection to humanity. A brand that allows you to express yourself through makeup. A brand that won't judge you for who you are. A brand that encourages you to be who you want to be. A brand that is actually different! I think those are all the reasons that I feel Illamasqua deeply :)

Have a wonderful starting weekend everyone <3

P.S: From now on, I will have a section for Sefie In The Mind (mean Me Gossiping). I'm going to talk about whatever comes to my mind ;). Only on Monday ^.^