Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lancome Eyebrow Gel (Brow Expert) Review

Hello pretties,

Today I'm going to do a review about this Lancome Eyebrow Brow Expert cutie. I work for Lancome, so this baby is one of my catch to get customers sit down and spend time with me hehe. Believe it or not, 9 out 10 people buy it when they try it on (of course they have to be in the mood for makeup shopping ^.^)

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My eyebrows used to be not as thick like I am now so for this baby, I have had a little hard time to use it before. However, since I grow my eyebrows hair back, this baby works beautifully to define my brows and I love love love it so much!

This eyebrow gel is great for people who already have lots of eyebrow hair but want to keep the eyebrows in place & clean. When you apply it on, it won't darken your eyebrows too much but make brows more clean and natural looking.

Love how the wax helps holding the eyebrow! It takes about 2-4 minutes for the gel to dry up. My brow hair doesn't really like to stay down even when I have the gel on. So I normally have to press the hairs down then wait for the gel to dry so that the gel will keep it down :>

 The wand is like a mascara wand which helps to comb the eyebrow and the gels keep the eyebrows in place.

I always use the brow gel first to keep my eyebrow hair down then draw a little extra to darken the brows.

It doesn't look too natural on me though since the hair on my eyebrows is not really full. I still have to use pencil to fill it in completely.

Anyway, the wax of the eyebrow gel is excellent because it really holds all the hair together.

So if you have quite full eyebrows and want to make the eyebrows more defined, this one is a great investment.

I hope you enjoy my review and please share with me if you get a chance to try this baby. Until my next post, have a wonderful Sunday everyone ;). It's September already!