Monday, September 23, 2013

Illamasqua Haul :>

Hi beauties,

Last monday I was talking about Illamasqua and my feeling. Today I'm going to show you some of the items I got as incentives. I know I've been slacking off because I am so busy this month seriously.
 These are from the new collection Sacred Hour. My most favourite product from this collection is: the eyeshadow palette, but it's a bit tricky to use ;)

I got an eyeshadow palette, a cream blush, a lipstick and 2 false lashes.

These are number 13 and Lush lashes. They are all hand made and very beautiful!

#13 Illamasqua lashes
The number 13 is my favourite. It's the bottom in the picture
They make the eyes look like wings.
These 2 are perfect for Swan-makeup look.

The top lashes are called Lush. They are thick and long. Suitable for people who love to have a lot lashes. If you're going to wear 2-3 layers of false lashes, you can just wear this one ;)

Next is the cream blush which is in the Sacred Hour collection. This cream blush is buildable and you can go on as much as you want and as dark as you want. The more you put on, the darker it will get. But if you only put 1 layer, the cheeks will look really natural :)
Illamasqua Sacred Hour collection Blush

Next is lipstick.
The lipstick is also very beautiful. It's very suitable for fall.
The picture doesn't do justice. I tried to take the picture as close to its colour as I could, but still, it looks a little bit lighter than the actual colour. However, it does look like that colour when you apply your lips.

Sacred Hour collection lipstick is called Shard.

It looks very different from different lips ^.^

And last but not least,

My favourite item from this collection!
Eyeshadow palette!

The texture of this palette is: NOT creamy, but it feels like cream. It's not powder but when you apply on, it feels like powder. I just can't find the words to actually describe the texture of the palette.

 This palette is for dawn till dusk so it's basically for day to night. I love the soft feeling when I apply on but it may crease after awhile.
I finally figure out a way to use it and keep it last whole day ;). Will keep you posted ;)

So yeah, that's all the goodies that I've got for attending 3 days full training :). More is coming but I don't know when I'll get to see them <3. Can't wait!

 I hope you enjoy my post. I know, it's been a week that I actually get on my blog again :<. Will try to take more time to do blogging :>

Until next time, have a wonderful starting week everyone!