Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 7Deadly Sins - Lust Makeup Inspired

Hello pretties,

Here comes another makeup inspired in the series of 7Deadly Sins. As you see the title, this one is "Lust" makeup look. Everyone has her own imagination of beauty. This is mine. I also was inspired by the simple hair look in the movie Red Cliff, so I put together and created this one :).

The 7Deadly Sins-"Lust"Makeup Inspired
I hope you ladies enjoy the video

The hair piece is actually a necklace I got from Little Black Bag. It was in a bundle of the new bag I got. I thought the necklace also could make a great hair piece so I used it on my "Lust" makeup tutorial.

I know it's a bit not so lusty but I love the look. May as well redo all the creative makeup for the whole series :)

To watch my video please click Here: The 7Deadly Sin-"Lust" Makeup Inspired

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