Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sephora Pastel Pop Eyeshadow palette review

Hello ladies,

I hope you enjoy your Tuesday so far ^.^. I finally get some days off so I'm just going to do a lot of review for my blog since I have neglect it for a few days already :).

So today, I'm going to do a review about this lovely eyeshadow palette that I got online from Sephora. This palette is limited edition and was in "Pastel Pop" collection. I was even trying to get it before it was on sale and then I couldn't find it in the store. Lucky me that I found it on Sephora website instead and it was on sale for $19.99 (reg $36).

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Sorry it took me so long to do a review on this baby. Even though it's a limited edition one, but it's worth a review and maybe someday, Sephora will bring it back ;)

Sephora Pastel Pop Eyeshadow Palette
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The reason I like this palette is that it has 4 shimmery colours & 4 matte colours. I love the shimmery colour cuz they are all super soft! The shimmery texture is not like regular shimmer; they are more like glitter but very soft. They stay on the eye without flaking off. With the matte colour, they are super pigmented. Here is a closer look to the colours

The palette is my most favourite palette right now that I'm so scared to finish it ^,^. I love love love the palette! The other day, I used the palette to do a makeup for my aunt, forgot to take picture :<. However, you can watch me on my vid doing demonstration ;)

I should have bought 2 of them so I could giveaway 1 for one of the lucky lady to try, but now it's all gone :<.

Here are the swatches from the palette. I was going to do a demo video for this one but I thought that maybe later I could do a makeup especially feature this palette instead of just putting the colours on the eyes hehe.

So from left to right. The colours are with & without glitter put together. Then on the right side, I have the colours from the bottom stand by themselves in each picture :). The second picture on the right I put "light pink" but it looks white, trust me it is pink outside the picture ;).

You may see the glitters one are all the same because they are very light, only when you apply a lot of each one then you can see the colour.
I also have put eyeshadow primer on so you can see the colour easier. However, the eyeshadow stands by itself does not have primer.

You actually play around with the colours and the glitter colours. They don't have to be in order. With this 8 amazing eyeshadows, you can create different looks from day to night, from classic to drama. It's like, this palette is an All In One eyeshadow palette ;). Love it!!!

I hope you ladies enjoy my review about this eyeshadow palette. Please feel free to share the review with me if you have this palette. Or feel free to leave any feedback, or ask any question you may have.

Until my next post, have a wonderful week everyone ^.^