Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Philosophy EyeHope review

Hello pretties,

I know I've been a Lancome review freak, so I decide to do a different brand product review. Since I've been trying on this eye cream from Philosophy called EyeHope long enough, I think I should give it a review.
I got the eyecream as gift with purchase of Philosophy products. The gifts were super nice so I couldn't hold myself back from purchasing some of the items from Philosophy. I only spent like $40 and got items worth more than that so why not? Also, I was in search of a good eye cream to use. So this lovely was in the gift. I started using it ever since I got it.

Finally I have finished it. My opinion on this eye cream is that it is not really effective as it's described in the description. I am not sure about others but this eye cream seemed to be not really working at all. I don't see any change :/. It is nice for sensitive eyes as it didn't cause any irritation for my eyes, but dark circle - I don't know, I still can see my dark circle :/.

I don't have much to say about it since it does not work for me unfortunately :<. Maybe any of you are trying it, you then you can share with me. I am not going to say that I hate the product because I didn't really buy it. I was lucky that I didn't purchase it or I would be really pissed off at myself hehe. I read some of the reviews from different people from MakeupAlly, so I guess it just didn't work for me but it did work well for some people. You never know until you try it.

The good thing about this one is that it's great for sensitive eyes :) That's all I can say about it. If you ladies want to give it a  try, I suggest you go to Sephora and get a sample first to see if it works for you.

I hope you ladies get a little bit of information out of this. Please share the experience if you have tried this product :).

Until my next post, have a wonderful week everyone <3