Monday, August 12, 2013

Lancome Teint Visionaire Foundation Review

Hello beauties,

I'm so excited to do a review about this foundation. It's quite new to Canada I guess as it was already launched in Australia awhile ago. In Vancouver, the product was just launched a week ago. I have got the chance to try it on a few clients and I have to say that those people I have tried the foundation on, looked amazing. I couldn't wait to get one for myself. So I decide to self serve a 10 days foundation sample.
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The foundation comes with 2 part: the liquid part and the creamy part. They are both foundation but different texture.

--> The liquid foundation is very watery. It's more watery than regular foundations that I have used. It makes your foundation brush glides. I even call it slippery.

- -> The creamy foundation is to apply on top of the liquid one. It's up to people preference, they can dab the creamy foundation around the areas that have more pigmentation or the whole face. The creamy foundation goes on top very nicely. It doesn't make the face look caky. You can also use it to conceal some blemishes and little bit of dark circle (note that it's not a concealer)

Teint Visionaire is a corrector foundation which has the Visionaire serum ingredient to help with dark sport, fine lines, pores correcting. It works really well together with Visionaire serum if you're a fan of Visionaire serum. It's also suggested to use with Visionaire serum to boost the effect of correcting dark spot.

I love how it gives a smooth, dewy finish on the skin.
I find that this foundation is great for people who have uneven skin tone, or with  hyperpigmentation on the face.

Teint Visionaire foundation finish
The foundation is said for All skin types. So if you have uneven skin tone, or skin with acne scar and want help to reduce the redness, dark spot, you can give this baby a try.

However, I don't recommend this foundation for people who have oily skin because it will be way too slippery for ya ;). It may cause blotchiness.

*==>There's a way to use Teint Visionaire foundation when you have oily skin is: you can apply your favourite foundation primer(which works best for you to control the oil); then apply this foundation if you really really really want to try this it.

With normal/combination or dry skin, this one works really well; it work best for normal skin or skin with redness.
Teint Visionaire Corrector Foundation 
As you can see how it evens out my skin and gives the dewy finish. I did not do any photoshop with the picture. It is what it is. For a clearer view, I also attach the full face picture.
So those are my thoughts about Lancome Teint Visionaire correcting foundation. I love it. Some people they hate it because it doesn't their skin types. If you know how to play around with the product, I'm sure you can bring out the most of it.

Compares to the Teint Idole Ultra 24H, Teint Visionaire is a totally different and complicating one to use, but it's really great if it loves to stay with your skin hehe. My advice is that you go to beauty counter ask for a 10 days sample and try it on. After 24 hours, you will know if you like the foundation or not ;).

Don't buy it instantly and turn out you waste your money if it's not suitable for your skin.

I hope you ladies enjoy my review and please feel free to ask me any question or leave me feedback. All your contribution is greatly appreciated. Until my next post, have a wonderful starting week lovelies ;)