Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lancome Genifique Concentrate/Activator Review

Hello beauties,

I know this one is like old time classic product that a lot of people have already talked about still I'd like to do a review on this product since it's one of my skincare companion :).

Lancome Genifique concentrate/activator is one of the best selling product in Lancome cosmetic line. It's famous among the Asian especially Chinese people, they love it! And I love it too!
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However, some people are mistaken that Genifique is a serum, but it's not. It's an activator or you can call it concentrate which goes under any kind of serum that you will put on, especially Lancome serums like Visionaire, Reviva, Dreamtone*(new). It helps the skin to absorb better when you put on serum or moisturizer.
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- Lancome Genifique is a youth activating product which is for all skin type and all ages.

* The reason it's for all age because in the product is because it has an intelligent micro ingredient that targets where the skin needs.
* For example, when we were born, our skin protein is 100%. Skin has strong elasticity, firm, radiant, young looking skin. As we get older, our skin start changing and you can see the appearance of fine lines, pores, etc..
* So Genifique intelligent micro ingredient targets where the skin is loosing or has lost protein and helps to rejuvenate the skin and gives you a younger looking skin after 7 days. You can see your skin glow, radiant and smooth.

Lancome Genifique texture is very light as if you can massage it onto your face forever. Only 1 drop each use and you can instantly feel the smoothness. I love how it feels on my skin :)

My skin is normal/combination and I don't get problem with sensitivity or breakout. I feel lucky for that ^.^. Ever since I start using Genifique, I don't have to worry about applying moisturizer at night at all. I am a lazy person, I do take care of my skin but I don't really really apply moisturizer at night unless I feel that my skin needs moist. Other than that, I only apply Genifique serum & Visionaire serum before I go to sleep ^.^. This is just my way of using skincare product because I don't want to use too much products all the time.

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Now they even have the new Genifique which is called Genifique Advanced, it is more advance than the old Genifique. The new Genifique helps more with anti aging like: wrinkle, shagginess, lost of firmness, etc... while still gives you a radiant, young looking skin.

So ladies, if you have never tried this product before, I would advise you to get a sample from beauty counter or Sephora to try it on.
I would say about 90% of people like it, the other 10% is just hard to please hehe.

If you have tried the product please share with me about your thoughts ;)

Until my next post, have a wonderful week everyone. Weekend is almost coming again ^.^