Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To treat acne, pore clogged skin

Hi beauties,

I know this type of skin is a major concern for everyone especially teenagers because of hormone changing.

So how does it all start? Before fixing the problem we have to know where the problem comes from right? You can read the quote that I got from a certain website. It tells you everything you need to know about pores & acnes. In the mean time, I'm just going to quote it briefly and fix the problem ;)

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"Pores clog whenever the healthy oil our skin produces (called sebum) mixes with extra dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. If the mixture completely clogs the pore, it’s known as a whitehead; if it partially clogs the pore it is referred to as a blackhead.

After the pore has been clogged, the result is a build up of sebum under the skin.
Clogged pores are caused primarily by inherited genes, hormonal swings (puberty or menopause), or external components for example heat, rubbing and airborne debris that cause the body to generate a lot more oil than required."
What is the distinction between clogged pores and acne?

"Acne and clogged pores actually are not exactly different problems, as they are just differing phases of the same issue. Clogged pores derive from an excessive amount of oil developed beneath the skin, which can manifest on the skin in the form of blackhead, whitehead, or possibly a pimple. Acne is merely a bunch of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that manifest on particular parts of the body."'

So how to fix these problems? You won't be able to see the result in 1 day of course. This take time, but it will help to get rid of these problems. That's why skincare products are so popular in the market.

For me, I am quite picky when it comes products that I am going to put on my face. I am lucky that my skin is quite normal and not very sensitive even though my wrists are super senstive. If the products have heavy chemical, my skin will react instantly and all I have to do is: washing the face of with my regular cleanser. I seldom get pimples. Pimples are my super worst enemy !-.-

Here are the tips for taking care of these problems

Please read my quotes above carefully before reading the tips

When you have very oily skin to the point that your pores keep clogging & causing acnes often:

1. Exfoliating 
Wash your face with your favourite exfoliator 3 times a week. I normally exfoliate my face twice a week every 2 days in between my masks treatment. If you have clogging pores "by inherited genes", it's best when you eat lots of fruit and veggie on the side as well.

2. Mask 
Try to use mask at least 2 times a week. It is vital for the skin to get some treatment. It also helps to remove excessing oil from the face.
The Body Shop Honey & Oat Scrub Mask
- You can make your own mask using Honey, Cucumber, Tomato. These ingredient have anti-oxidant which will help your skin regenerate and suck out all the poisonous and  oil from your skin. 

For Honey: you can use honey to apply all over the face and leave it there for about 10-15 minutes or longer than that it's up to you, then wash off with cleansing water. Try not to use moisturizer.

For cucumber & tomato: you can extract the juice from either one of them out and apply the juice onto your pre-made face mask then apply on your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes. 

- Or if you already have your favourite mask product to use, try to use it at least 2 times a week. Clay mask is recommended for oily skin.

I use The Body Shop Honey & Oat Scrub Mask because it is everything I need. It moistures, exfoliate and mask!!!

3. Steam 
Steam your face (10 mins) once a week to open the pore then cleanse the face with your acne/pore cleanser.

4. Veggie/Fruit
Eat lots of veggie & fruit also help with the skin. If you're not a fruit person, try to eat veggie. If you're not a fruit/veggie person, try your best "like" one of them and eat it ^.^

5. Oily/sugary food 
Avoid food that has too much oil, sugar because they both will raise your body heat and it's not good for the face. Trust me on this as I always got scold by my mom everytime I ate those food. It helps ;)

Well those are all the tips that I use to treat my skin. I hope you ladies fine it helpful. If you have more tips please feel free to contribute ^.^

Until my next post, have a wonderful Thursday everyone. It's almost weekend again :)