Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Double Little Black Bags!

Hello ladies,

I have been away for the past week so I haven't got a chance to show off my new Little Black Bag box. And this time it's going to be double! I got the 2 boxes in separate time but I decided to put them together cuz I'm so lazy to do one by one :p

Anyway, I recently got addicted to Little Black Bag website not only because of the great deals they give, but also of the trading. I love trading. It's so much fun. It makes you feel like you're doing business with other people.

This time, the 2 boxes came in the same shape so I'll just post how the box looks like okay ;).

And this is the first bag that I ordered:

Ivanka Trump! This bag I have been eyeing it for awhile already. Finally I get to have it. It's super cute, very classy for going to a work party, or an evening night out.

It's quite spacious for an evening bag ;). So I'm sure it'll come in handy :)

The bag is about $125 retail price I think plus tax here in Vancouver 12%. So Little Black Bag just makes my day for having this one on sale ^.^

Comes with the bag are a very cute necklace & a pari of earrings. I love them both. The necklace actually came in handy for me when I did my 7Deadly Sins-"Lust"

And here is my second Little Black Bag box:

The second bag I got was because at that time Little Black Bag had a promotion of giving a bag free when you open a new bag and it happened just a day after I opened the Ivanka Trump bag LoL. I was pretty pissed, but if I didn't buy the Ivanka bag, it would have gone because there was only 1 left :<

The baby blue bag is Nila Anthony bag and the red one is Street Level backpack. I bought the Nila Anthony and got a different bag for free. After that, I spent about 2 days to do the trading until I got this Street Level bag. And finally let them ship my items ^.^

Come with the 2 bags were a necklace & a silver bangle. They are so cute! I love them both ^.^. I also traded my other items to get them. That's why it took me 2 days LoL.

So that's all for my double Little Black Bag. I hope you ladies enjoy the view. If you like you can check out the website Here (referral) to see if any bag catches your eyes ;)

Until my next post, have a great week everyone <3


How can the fairy collective surprise the sin?

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