Monday, July 22, 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes Review

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I hope you ladies have had a wonderful weekend. Here in Vancouver, the sun is now shining every day and it's beautiful! Vancouver people can only get to see this nice weather for a few months then it will be back to gloomy again soon :/
Urban Decay Ammo & Deluxe Shadow Box

Anyway, today I'm doing a review about these 2 palette that I got from Hautelook website. I checked on UD official website, they are both on sale and I think UD is discontinuing these 2. They are like more than 50% off so get your hands on them before they're gone. For your information, I'd like to do a little review about these 2 :) so that you can decide whether you want them to be in your limited edition collection.

Here are the palettes. I ordered them and waited more than a month to receive them LoL. But I am quite happy with them. I'm giving away one of the palette in my first current giveaway if you'd like to take a look and join :) My First Giveaway
These 2 palette are just super duper cute and pigmented. I have to admit that hands down on Urban Decay eyeshadows. They all are just amazing! I know it's a bad idea to bring the whole line of UD eyeshadow home hehe, so I just pick whatever eyeshadow colours that I don't have to put in my collection.

Until now, I'm still so much in love with these 2 palettes ^.^

Ammo Eyeshadow Palette

Here is the Ammo palette colours which is more on the neutral size and great for everyday use especially for people who love playing with colour but don't want to look too much on the day time.

Ammo Urban Decay eyeshadow colours
I have listed the colours' names as well so it's easier for you to recognize :). As you can see how pigmented the colours are. My most favourite colour int his palette is Grifter. I just love the light pearl purple. It's beautiful and it's of course brings out the feminine in a woman, very easy to use. 

Deluxe Shadow Box

And the second one of course is the Deluxe Shadow Box. This palette has more vibrant colours. It's great for creative makeup as well as stage makeup or for photo shoot. Love all the colours!

The colours are super pigmented! I just swatched them once and they came out like that. I didn't even put eyeshadow primer on. 
For these colours, if you add a little bit of water on your brush before applying on the eyes, the colours will come out even better!
The colours: Shag, Scratch, Underground are great for daily wear. They are neutral colours so it's easy for people to use on the day time. 
Then, depend on what you wear and how you want to wear it, you can play around with other eyeshadow colours.

So that's about it for my 2 Urban Decay eyeshadows review. One of you will be lucky to win one of my eyeshadow palette. I hope you ladies enjoy my review and please feel free to ask me any question. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Until next time, have a wonderful coming week days everyone :)