Monday, July 8, 2013

Sephora online & offline orders hauls

Hello pretties,

I hope you ladies have had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was not bad. I have been busy for the past few days that's why I didn't really have time to go online and do blog properly, but I'm back for a day then I'm busy again ^.^. I haven't got a chance to edit my newest vid tutorial yet :(. Been slacking off, so I punish myself not to do shopping for a month >.<. 

Anyway, today I'm going to show you what I have ordered through sephora website like 3 weeks ago. I just received my second order some days  so I decided to show you all what I've collected.

So this is the first order I got were all from Sephora brand ^.^

I have total 2 orders from Sephora. The first one arrived awhile ago but I didn't upload it because I wanted to wait for the second order to come so that I could put them together :). Then boyfriend's treat again to Sephora ^.^. He got me another 2 items from Sephora.

Every Sephora order comes with 3 samples. You can pick the samples you like. Also, if you have lots of points, you can trade for some deluxe samples as well. My second order, I got really deluxe samples ^.^. Will show you as you read on :)

These items are all on sale, that's why I was so excited to get them especially the eyeshadow palette because his eyeshadow palette was off the shelf so I couldn't get it when my first boyfriend's treat to Sephora. Then I found it on Sephora website and it was on sale. So I thought I had to have it!

The eyeshadow palette is super cute. It's in Sephora limited edition called Pastel Pop and it was only $36 regular price, I bought it for $19.99 on sale ^.^. Will do a review about the palette later.

Then I got some glitter eyeliners which were on sale for $7.99 . I love glitter eyeliner lol. And some of these will be in my first giveaway :>

Then I got the false lashes. They are very cute. However, when I received them I wish I didn't buy them because they looked more like individual lashes sticked together with a diamond glued on top of the lashes to make the lashes bling but they are pretty darn hard to put it on =.=. I had to cut the lash into individual and put them on. Not really happy with it. They all will be in my giveaway as well :).

I also got the eyeliner from the collection Pastel Pop as well, it's in black :/. The gold was out of stock when I ordered :<

And the second order I got from Sephora is: that I have become Sephora VIB which I will receive special promotion from Sephora ^.^. In order to be in Sephora VIB list is that you have to spend a minimum of $350 annually at Sephora. I  got the VIB card when my order arrived. They give 10% off for my next purchase at Sephora.

And here is what I ordered second time: The Super Stars Beauty Essential! Cost totally inc tax: $94. The deal is pretty good if you calculate the price of each item individually.

The box comes with:

- Full size of Nars Orgasm blush - $32 CAD

- Full size of Stilla Stay All Day Eyeliner - $26 CAD

- Full size of Sephora eyeshadow - $24
- Full size of Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish Sandy - $23

- Full size of Benefit mascara They're Real - $26 CAD

- Small size of Kat Von D perfume Saint 0.33 oz - $23

- Small size of Josie Maran 0.5 oz - $18 CAD

- Small size of Kate Somerville Exfolikate 0.5 oz - $25 CAD

- Small size of Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer 0.33 oz - $ 21 CAD

- Mini size of Makeup Forever HD micro finish powder 0.035 oz - dunno the price :/

*Hourglass Veil Primer

*Benefit They're Real mascara

* Kat Von De perfume Saint

* Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder

* Kate Somerville Exfolikate

* Josie Maran Oil

And some other samplers that Sephora send for every order to try.
Sephora Baked eyeshadow

So overall, if you buy these items singly they will cost about $220 plus tax. This box is just such a great deal to me so I had to get it ^.^. I may get another one incase they discontinue it LoL.

This is the deluxe sample bag that I traded my $250 points for. Originally, to trade for this bag of deluxe sample you have to trade $500 points, I was lucky that day so they gave discount a day before the bag was put back to the original trade points lol.

The bag comes with 6 deluxe samples.

- Cosmetic bag

- Dr. Jart+ BB Cream with Spf 25, will do a review about this BB cream when I get to try it :)

- bareMinerals Multi-Wrinkle repair cream

- Lancome Hypnose Star mascara

- Anastasia clear brow gel

- Hourglass Veil Miner
Primer (maybe in my giveaway)

- Shiseido Face & Body UV protection cream SPF 40

Isn't in exciting if you get to try all of these products. The deluxe samples are just great for testing out which product you'd like to buy

And here are my boyfriend's Sephora treat ^.^

I got a brow kit from Anastasia, it's in my wishlist but this is a different one because I couldn't find the other one :/. I think this brow kit is good enough.

I wanted to try this eyebrow kit brand for awhile, now I got it! Yay!

The brow kit comes with:

- Brow wax
- Brow powder
- Brow highlighter
- 5 brow stencils
- A brow brush

The brow stencils include:

- Full Arch
- High Arch
- Slim Arch
- Medium Arch
- Petite Arch

*Will do a review on this as well once I try.

I also got the deluxe brush set from Sephora. This set caught my eyes when I was demoing at Sephora. I was able to suggest some of my clients to get this set because the set was very convenient and great price! $58 CAD plus tax.

I like the quality of the product also the packaging. These brushes are real deluxe!

The set comes with 5 brushes

- Blush & powder
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Blender
- All Over shadow.

Sephora blush & powder brush
I don't really need the blush brush, but this comes in with the set so it may come in handy sometime later. I'm going to do a Sephora brush collection anyway^.^

Sephora foundation brush
The foundation brush is my most favourite in this set because I find that this one can multi tasking. It can be a foundation brush, or it can be a contour brush, or it can be a powder brush as well. Depend on how you'd like to use it.

Like regular brush set, the set always has to have a concealer brush. This concealer brush is quite pretty ^.^

Sephora Concealer brush
Sephora All Over Shadow brush
I have to say that these are definitely high quality brushes so they are super worth the price, actually the price is great!

The all over shadow is also one of my favourite in this set. I have one from Lancome, but it's gonna die soon, so this one will be in my next using :). Love it!

The last one is blending brush. I am not a fan of this blending brush type. However, it comes in handy for me sometimes when I need to blend hard line :). Great to have it in the collection.

So that's it for my Sephora Online & Offline hauls. I hope you ladies enjoy my post because it took me about 3 hours to write all this and fix & put the pics together. I have to admit that I am a super makeup junkie collector.

Bonus: This is my $10 beauty shopping. They are $2 each and they work great!

- I got another $2 eyeshadow palette, will test it when I have a chance and let you ladies know. Perhaps, I may put one in my giveaway so one of you ladies can try it. It's pretty not bad ;)
- A feather hair clip. It will be in one of my make tutorial soon :)

- I got some mask for my DIY skincare later.

- Some eye pads for DIY eyecare

- Nose blackhead remover cream.
I tested it on my boyfriend's nose today and it worked great!

The end
Until I see you next time!
Have a great week starting everyone!