Friday, July 12, 2013

Lancome Energie De Vie Review

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to do a review about this couple Lancome skincare called Energie De Vie. These 2 products are only available at Sephora. You can't find any other department stores except Lancome website. I heard that the 2 products are quite famous in Asia, but I'm not sure because they only came to Canada this May. The products are for energizing the skin and help the skin to be more healthy. It gives nutrition to the skin.

The reason I call they're couple because these 2 are recommended to go together to maximize the result.

Image from Google
Image from Google
Energie De Vie Lotion

The lotion is like essence to help the skin absorbing moisturizer better.
It has watery texture. It look like toner but it's more concentrate and helps with moisturizing, absorbing for the skin.

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Energie De Vie Moisturizer

The moisturizer will likely do most of the work for energizing and refreshening. However, if you have quite normal skin and you don't really need too much moisture you can use the lotion by itself, still use the 2 together is recommended.

Energie De Vie is said to help with dullness relief & energy recharge (for the skin)

I only get to try the 2 deluxe sample size of it. But they sure will last me for awhile. I'll see if I want to purchase them as full size once I finish these first ;)

Lancome Energie De Vie
What I like about these 2 are:

- The smell is very soothing.
- They give good moisture for the skin without making the skin feels oily.
- They definitely make you feel refreshing
- They are for all skin type (even sensitive skin) and recommended for all ages. However, the people who will most likely to use these 2 are around 25-35.
**These are not Anti-Aging products but I believe that when you keep your skin healthy, you'll always look young ^.^

Anyway, I recommend these products for people who are looking for very good, refreshing moisturizers without causing any irritation and at the same time give energy to the skin . The lotion may make you feel a little tinkling,  it's totally normal as the micro ingredient in the lotion is helping the skin absorbing

I hope you ladies enjoy your Friday! It's weekend coming again!


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