Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Hauls!

Good morning from Vancouver!

I know I have been a bad girl for shopping too much. I promise myself from up coming August, I will not shop too much, not for myself basically, but of course for groceries. I want to see how much I spend in a month without buying any cosmetics and beauty products plus, this month I won't have much works :< so I'd better save money :<

Anyway, the items in this hauls are mostly gifts. So check them out!

Isn't it exciting to get all these products for free. Let me tell you the story :>

So first I got the Lancome limited edition Hypnose Show  the Hypnose Drama eyeshadow palette and  Hypnose Doll Lash mascara. Fashion designer Alber Elbaz designed the packaging especially for Lancome. Great to have in the limited edition collection.

Lancome by Alber Elbaz
The Hypnose Doll Lash is not much different from the regular one. Only the packaging and extra black.

The eyeshadow is not my type at all. However, The pigment is supper smooth and you can use it wet or dry. I love the pink though ;). My favourite palette from this collection is Hypnose Doll Lash palette which I was planning to buy :>. But I'm not sure yet ^.^

The palette come with a small eyeshadow brush, and small dual eyeshadow applicator. The thinner part is supposed to use for eyeliner. Especially when you wet it. Will do a review about this palette soon.

I also got the Lancome colour Design Infinite 24h single eyeshadow comes in silver with classic Hypnose mascara.

Price: - (limited edition) $56 CAD plus tax for the eyeshadow, $32 CAD plus tax for Hypnose Doll Lash, Classic Hypnose: $31 CAD plus tax, $28 CAD plus tax for the Infinite 24h Colour Design eyeshadow.
Lancome Nectar Lace
Second I got Lancome Blush Subtil Palette & Oscillation mascara primer (vibrating). The blush subtil palette contains contour, blush & highlighter. So this palette is like 3 in 1 which is really convenient for some people like me who doesn't like to carry around too many stuff

I got the Nectar Lace palette which is my favourite. The blush colour is quite similar to NARS Orgasm blush :).

Price: $45 CAD plus tax for the palette, $34 CAD plus tax for the primer.

Then, the third one my bf bought it for me when we were at Winner and I just picked the gift set because it was on sale ;). Not so bad at all for the price.

In the set it comes with:
 - Lipgloss,
- Trio eyeshadow
- Fan brush
- Blush
- Deluxe sample mascara (which I don't like)

The perfume Chanel Coco Noir was a gift from my bf's brother ^,^ He came to Vancouver for a visit, we went out shopping and he got this one for me ehehe. I love the smell! Will do a review on it soon too :)

You can also see the Anna Sui palette.
Actually, that one I got for myself, I totally forgot about it.

It's like a highlighter blush and it's purple. I just bought because it's something different I'd like to try. Loving it so far.

So that's all for my hauls. I think now I should stop having makeup haul for awhile ;)

I hope you ladies enjoy my post and let me know which product you want me to do review on first. Feel free to leave any comment or feedback

Until I see you in my next post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone ;)


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