Monday, July 8, 2013

Julep Maven "Favourite Things Jewellery Box"

 Hello ladies,

Good evening from Vancouver. Such a long day for me today even though I only had to work for 6 hours :/. These are the Julep Maven nail polishes that I received a few days ago. Even though I skipped my July box, it didn't stop me from ordering something else but with great deal! This is a jewellery box.

I got this Julep jewellery box of 12 nail polishes for $35 plus 2 other nail polishes extra for $5 so totally I paid $40 or 14 nail polishes. This deal was a super deal, so I couldn't debate myself whether I should buy it or not, I just had to have it!

Most of the nail polishes in the box I haven't got except the colour "Lauren" which I have ready got it in my previous monthly box. I will put it in my up coming giveaway.

So here are all the colours for you ladies to see closely. They are all beautiful colours! From left to right. I put the pictures in order.

Rose and Lauren.

I like these 2 texture.

Very easy to apply on and it doesn't clump

These 2 give me the feeling of two hot women hang out with each other. One has a stronger personality than the other

Lynn and Audrey.

These 2 give me the feeling of feminine when I apply them. Very pretty. Perfect for wedding ;)

These 2 are friends, but they are a little bit formal toward each other.

Gloria and Maya

The Maya colour also gives me the feeling of feminine, perfect for wedding as well. I like the pearl texture. It's buildable.

Gloria colour is more summery and very active. The texture also very easy to apply on and doesn't clump.

These are like 2 bestfriend. One is like a tomboy and one is like a girly-tomboy

Carrie and Maria

The colours are also very pretty.

These are like 2 sisters in law.

Morgan and Charlotte

Aren't these two pretty as well?

These colours are more for someone who loves the bold look. Perfect for evening night out.

These 2 give me the image of 2 successful women hanging out together

Amy and Susie

Amy is like a big sister who protects her sister while Susie is a more like charming .

These 2 give me that feeling because of the bold colour and the light one.

It's weird to put the meaning & image into the nail polishes. However, when  I look at them, the feeling just pops out :)

Until I see you next time, have a wonderful starting week everyone!