Monday, July 1, 2013

Hautelook Second order Haul

Hello beauties,

Good morning! So today, I would like to show you my second order that I received from Hautelook. This order is supposed to be the 3rd one, but I cancelled the 1st order because it took them almost 2 months and they hadn't been able to ship the order. The previous order was shipped even before my first first one. 

Anyway, here are the box! First ^.^

If you have read my previous post about Hautelook experience you would know that I have had a bad experience about it. However, I couldn't stop myself from buying stuff from them because the deals are always so good! Even including tax & shipping, the deals are still so much better than buying directly from the store in Vancouver here. So, if you are curious about buying from this site, my suggestion is that buying items that you are not really in a rush to receive because this website will normally takes more than a month to ship your order.

So here are the items that I bought

Smile Sciences (for teeth) & Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes

<= This I got for like 80% so I just bought it lol. Will do a review as soon as I finish using them

                                The Urban => Decay eyeshadow palettes were also on sale, so I just had to get them.

The Smile Science is basically a Teeth whitening Kit. The whole kit regular price is like $200+. I had used these kind of teeth whitening before (but not this brand) and it worked really well. So I'm giving this brand a try to see how it will work for me ;)

Syringe Gel & Maintenance Pen
The Smile Sciences kit comes with:

- 5ml. Syringe Gel
- Maintenance Pen
- 2-Vitamin E Sticks
- LED Light
- Upper & Lower Trays
- Shade Guide

Vitamin E Sticks, LED Light, Upper & Lower Trays

I will post a review as soon as I finish using this product. I hope it works ;)

Then I got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow palettes. I love both of them! The eyeshadows are totally different & very pigmented. One of the palette comes with a deluxe sample of eyeshadow primer. Will definitely post a review about these 2 beauties ;)

Overall, I happy with the products I have got. They came in unbroken so I have no complain about this website. It's just that they take wayyyy tooo longggg for delivery. That's all.

I hope you ladies enjoy my mini online shopping haul. There will be more hauls coming later ^.^. Until I see you next time, have a wonderful starting week! 

P.s: It's July 1st. Happy Canada Day! I'll be busy starting tomorrow!