Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun Giveaway Event On BellaGirlsBeauty Blog, Must Read!!!

Hello all my pretty ladies, beauty bloggers around the world,

If you're readers of my blog for awhile you would know about my blog is mainly focused on product reviews, some hauls, beauty box subscribe, some makeup tutorials, little bit of fashion, etc... ^.^. As you can see, I love talking about beauty. I am super addicted to try on different products and do reviews about them.

However, my pocket won't be able to support all that. I seriously want to create a blog where I have most of product reviews on here so that whenever the readers visit, they can find what they're looking for. So I have decided to do this one of a kind event that I need you beauty bloggers to help me achieve my goal.

 I'm calling you all to join me for this fun, competitive, creative event. As long as you're a blogger you're eligible to join in.

Instead of buying all the products to do the review myself and then leave it on the side without using it again, I would rather have someone to do the review of the product which she will be using afterward.

This event is very simple and it happens once a month. It also will help all the beauty bloggers around the globe connect as well. It's kind of similar to guest post and like contest which will be featured on my blog and my categories of product reviews except... the winner of the month will get a reward send to her after her post is posted on my blog. There will be different kind of contests as well.

All you have to do is keep checking on my Giveaway BlogSpot to see what product I would like you to review and if it happens you are using it, it's great! Please join in and send me your blog post so I can read by commenting under the Giveaway post with your email & link to your post.
If I find that the review is completed I will have your name written down on the ballots. The review should be about 250 words in length. I will post as the event is hosted to let you know.

At the end of the month, I will close my eyes and pick one winner randomly then post your review on my main blog BellaGirlsBeauty.
Reward will be announced as the Giveaway is posted. I will contact you after if you win.

This is a very good event for whoever loves writing product review and has great attention to detail.

The rules:

1. You must be a subscriber of my blog http://bellagirlsbeauty.blogspot.ca/ (GFC)
2. Follow me on bloglovin'
3. Follow my Giveaway BlogSpot on bloglovin' (to get updated whenever the Giveaway is on)


1. You can add me to your Google+ as well.
2. You can follow me on my twitter: https://twitter.com/bellagirlbeauty
3. You can follow me on my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HannahArtistry

Disclaimer & Copy Right:

This is a fair event for everyone to join. As I have mentioned, your review post will be featured on my blog post (if you win). As you join in, you are agree to give me permission to have your post on my blog. The post will become a part of my product review category. However, I will not listed as mine and the credit will still be yours. The original link to your blog will be included in my blog post.

I will always have this paragraph every time the event is being hosted. So whether you would like to join in, it's all up to you.

Thank you for reading everyone. I am very excited to start the event soon. The event will start from 1st day of the month & winner will be picked by the 28 and announcement will be on the 29, post is included as well.

First one will be on August 1st!

I'm looking forward to see you there to join me!