Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

Hello ladies,

Good afternoon from Vancouver! I finally get my day off ^.^. I hope you ladies enjoy your weekend so far. Tomorrow is another new week again.
Anyway, today I'm going to do a review a new product that I have got. I recently have had a chance to try the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and decided to get the full size by exchanging my Anastasia that I have a got awhile ago. I didn't like the brow kit. I got lucky to get a deluxe sample of Fresh Lotus face cream which I heard to be really good face cream. Will do a review when I get a chance to use it. I'm just trying to finish up all of my deluxe samples.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Set
One thing that make me curious about this product is that it's vegan. The smell is a bit strong, but it's bearable not like chemical smell  but more like flower fragrance. I actually start to like the smell of Fresh products. Most of them will have rose smell in the products.

For Fresh Soy Face Cleanser first impression I wasn't really impress at all, but then, after I massaged my face for 20 seconds, the cream started to form foam and I liked it ^.^. This cleanser is actually really good for the skin because it doesn't make your skin feel tight after you wash it off with water. For the Chanel I had used, it gave me a little tightness after I washed it off even though my skin has always been normal.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
For the price of this cleanser, it's $44 CAD plus tax. So it's only less than the Chanel cleanser $2. Another thing that I like about Fresh is that it's paraben free. Now I am starting to feel concerned about all these chemicals that are put into cosmetics. I have read about paraben, so I'll just have to be aware a little bit about what I use ^.^.

Overall, I find that Fresh brand is a good brand to give a try because their products are known to be really good for the skin especially sensitive skin. However, it still depends on the person's skin condition. You never know. Some people' skin are so sensitive that they cannot use anything.

I hope you ladies enjoy my review and feel free to leave any feedback and comments. Until I see you next time, have a wonderful weekend and starting week ^.^