Friday, July 26, 2013

Different tips of Eyes'care

Hello pretties,

Today we're going to do some eyes care!!!
I am not a high maintenance person, but when it comes to skin care, I am a freak! I hate seeing my face with pimples & breakout. It will freaks me out whenever I get a big pimple on my face. I do my best to get rid of the pimples. Whenever it pops up, I pop it off :>

So my eyes are a part of the face, of course I have to take care of my eyes when it comes to dark circle, puffy & eye bag. Come to think of it, it's kind of scary one day when you get all the wrinkles on the eyes :S.

Anyway, these are the tips that I normally do to take care of my eyes. These tips are not coming from me, I got them all for doing research and experience them.

1. Cucumber
Cucumber eyes care 

 Cucumber is one of my favourite organic skincare. It is great for the face and eyes.
The cucumber has anti-oxidant so it helps with anti aging as well as whitening the dark spot and skin.
I use cucumber for the eyes to refresh and relieve the itchiness(when I have to deal with allergy in the summer). Slice the cucumber really thin then apply on the eyes, either you can apply half of the slice on the bottom of the eyes or 2 slices on the eyes with your eyes closed of course.

2. Castor oil

Fresh castor oil is also great removing puffiness from the eyelids. Gently apply a drop or 2 of fresh castor oil and massage the eyes. I sometimes do this when I cry a lot and my eyes are like bubble. Also, do this step on your day off when you don't need to do any makeup.

3. Potato

To reduce dark circles, you can also use a slice of potato and rub around the eyes. If you like, you can even leave the slices on the eyes for 5-10 minutes.

4. Carrot

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As we know that carrot contain Vitamin A and it's always said to be great for the eyes. Not only you need to take care of the outside of the eyes but also the vision of your eyes. Drink 1 glass of carrot juice once a week for healthy eyes. If you're not used to drinking carrot juice by itself, you can mix it like I do (got from my dad's tips)

- 10 small baby carrots
- 3 table spoons of condensed milk
- 1 small bow of ice
- a small glass of milk

*Put all of them into the blender then blend them altogether like smoothie. Finish. You have a healthy glass of carrot smoothie ^.^

Additional, as the green tea bag is quite famous for the dark circle reducing tip, so I'm not going to mention it in my list, but yes, it's an easy tip as well for helping reduce dark circles.

I hope you ladies find this helpful. Please feel free to leave any feedback and question. Also, if you have other tips of taking care of the eyes, please share ^.^

Until my next post, have a wonderful up coming weekend everyone!