Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clams Curry Cooking Recipe (DIY)

Hello ladies,

Once in awhile I'd like to do something a little bit different on my blog. So today, I'm going to show you how to make clam curry my way ;)


- Curry paste (I got Malaysian curry style past)
- Curry powder (Indian style, it's optional. I like to use the powder because later it will make the colour of the soup look really good)
- 2 pounds of clams
- 1 chilli pepper
- 1 lemon grass
- 2 pieces of onion
- 3 cafe spoon of sugar
- 2 tables spoon of fish sauce
- 1 can of coconut milk
- half can of water (measured by coconut can)


- Chilli pepper minced
- Onion minced
- Lemon grass minced

Put them all together into the pot. Whichever pot that you're comfortable with. Leave it on the stove and add some oil (coconut, olive or butter)

Then stir fry them. As soon as they turn yellow, add 2-3 spoon of Malaysian curry paste.

After that, pour the coconut milk into the paste and stir it again. Then add half can of water to make the soup less thick.

Add curry powder to make the colour less pale but more yellow.

Continue to stir then add sugar, fish sauce. Try to taste the soup to see if the soup taste is balanced. Not too sweet, not too salty. I know this part is tricky, but you don't want to eat curry either too sugary or saltery hehe.

At the same time, have the clams into a different pot and boil it.

When all the clams are open, pour the water out and leave the clam in the basket.

**You don't have to cook the clam completely. As soon they're all open. You can pour the water out.

Leave the soup to boil, then add clams into the curry soup. Leave it boil for about 10 mins. Then you can turn off the stove. After that, you will get this:

Clams Curry
Isn't it easy and simple? But it's really yummy!!!

I hope you ladies enjoy my cooking! Let me know if you're going to try this recipe ;)