Monday, July 29, 2013

Chanel Coco Noir Perfume Review

Hello ladies,

Once in awhile, I'd like to do some other product reviews instead of just cosmetics ^.^ Today, I'm going to review about my new favourite baby "Chanel Coco Noir".

I am not a perfume addict. I have very few perfumes in my collection and most of them I got as gifts. I barely buy any perfume for myself. Anyway, Chanel Coco Noir is my second perfumes I got from Chanel. My first one was Coco Mademoiselle EDT I got as Christmas gift from Chanel Rep when I was demoing for Chanel.

The regular Coco is quite strong for my taste. I get headache every time I try the perfume on. I feel so bad because Coco is such a classic elegant perfume to have in the collection :<. Then I saw this lovely when it just came out. At first I was scared I might get headache but I didn't. I was really tempted to buy it; however, since I work for Lancome and most of the time I'm at department store where there are lots of perfumes, I just come and spray it hehe.

And now I finally get to own 1 myself <3 Thanks to my boyfriend's brother ^.^

Even though Chanel Coco Noir has a similar note to Coco, it's less strong than Coco. It does make me feel headache if I spray too much of the perfume in 1 area. Also, Chanel Coco Noir smell is a little floral like Coco Mademoiselle.

My nose is quite sensitive when it comes to smell perfume. I love Chanel Coco Mademoiselle because I can't barely smell the alcohol. With Coco Noir, I still can smell the alcohol in it strongly.

Anyway, Chanel perfumes are still the best to me. Love most of them but I'm not really tempted to buy at all :>

Chanel Coco Noir 50ml: $112 CAD plus tax

Feeling: classy, elegant, sophisticated

Use: On occasion Or If you're a high maintenance person ;)

As you know, Chanel perfumes are no less than $100 except colognes. So perfume worths its price or not it's up to you whether you like it or not. I think for Chanel, the perfume is worth it ;).

Even though Coco Noir is quite sexy and elegant, I still prefer my Coco Mademoiselle :). It's good to have the Noir in the collection though ;)

I hope you ladies enjoy my review. Please feel free to leave me any feedback or comment. Or your thought about the perfume ;)